SAVETEMPTS and GETTEMPS adequate routines


The SAVETEMPTS and GETTEMPS routines are adequate only if the interrupt routine does not
perform mathematical operations other than addition and subtraction. The following versions
of those routines will work properly in more general cases. Change the arrays in SAVETEMPS
and GETTEMPS to the following:

SAVETEMPS="[$A2 $07 $B5 $CO $48 $B5 $A8 $48 $B5 $AO $48 $B5 $80 $48 $CA $10 $F2 $A5 $D3 $48]",
GETTEMPS="[$68 $85 $D3 $A2 $00 $68 $95 $80 $68 $95 $AO $68 $95 $A8 $68 $95 $CO $E8 $EO $08 $DO $FO]"

DOS Enter, without loosing your program and if you don\’t have a MEM.SAV file

Create a MEM.SAVE file from BASIC by typing X=USR(5947) NOTE: To return to BASIC, XL owners
must press the [RESET] key after the disk stops turning. The 400 and 800 will generate an
ERROR 9 message when the MEM.SAV file has been created.