AtariWriter+ and Panasonic 1091

The Panasonic 1091 printer works quite well with the Epson printer driver in AtariWriter
Plus, except that it prints a zero at the top of the first page of a document. This can
be eliminated by typing [CONTROL] [O], 24, [RETURN] at the beginning of the document.

The [CONTROL] [O] is the control character used to place printer codes in the text and
24 is Panasonic\'s decimal code for Cancel-which clears the text in the print buffer.
However, this will not work if the top margin value is greater than 0 in the Global Format.
To set the top margin, go to the text file and press [CONTROL] [T], then type in the
desired margin setting. (Somebody could also find that this procedure doesn\'t work when you
print selected pages of a multi-page document.)