RAMDISK des 130XE erweitern


130XE owners have many reasons to appreciate DOS 2.5’s 412-sector RAMdisk. It lets you save files
quickly, it’s reliable, and automatically installs its own copies of the DUP.SYS and MEM.SAV files,
giving you instant access to the DOS menu. Since DUP.SYS is in D8:, your RAMdisk, you don’t have
to wait for it to load from drive 1.

You can get a 499-sector RAMdisk if you erase the DUP.SYS and MEM.SAV files. This will give you
87 more sectors. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get to the DOS menu anymore because your Atari
will be looking for it on D8:, your RAMdisk. Every time you type DOS, your Atari will check your
RAMdisk for a DUP.SYS file (the one you erased) and return you to a READY prompt.

Here’s how to make BASIC look for DUP.SYS in drive 1.

POKE 5439, ASC(„1“)

You can make BASIC took for DUP.SYS in any other drive by placing the ASCII value of the drive
number into memory location 5439 ($153F). POKE 5439,ASC(„2“) will make DOS look in drive 2.

Now you can erase DUP.SYS and MEM.SAV from your RAMdisk, giving you 87 more sectors, and you’ll
still be able to get a DOS menu. Just make sure you have DUP.SYS on a floppy disk!