ATARI Preservation Project

Auf der letzten JHV wurde ein neues ABBUC Project gestartet: APP (ATARI PRESERVATION PROJECT)

Mehr darüber im nächsten Magazin. Unser Mitglied Freddy Offenga (Herausgeber der Mega Magazine) hat sich bereit erklärt, das Projekt zu organsieren. Hier nun sein erster Statusbericht:

Atari Preservation Project, Status Report 2013-01

The following things are done:
– set-up small webpage
– made a APC group on facebook
– installed / configured APP database
– wrote import scripts for software lists
– imported lists from personal collections
– the first software collectors are joining APC
– bought some floppy drives for flippy modification

We’re looking for software authors and collectors to join the APC.
Also, any help with a better website and storage system is very welcome.
There are other things to do, so just contact us if you like to help!

Freddy Offenga