ATARI Videokonferenz mit USA

Patrick Mulvey, der Präsident des US- ATARI Club LIAUG läd zu einer Videokonferenz am 29. Oktober via Skype ein. Der ABBUC hatte in seinen Anfängen viele Kontakte zu amerikanischen Clubs in den USA. Wir hatten unsere Clubzeitschriften und Disketten ausgetauscht. Einige dieser Zeitschriften waren ja in der Infothek und werden dort demnächst auch wieder zu finden sein…

Mich erreichte heute, völlig überraschend diese Mail:

Mr. Burger (Wolfgang)

Ernest S was kind enough to provide me with your E-Mail address

There is a free service that we are looking into here that allows up to 200 people to observe a meeting/speaker via a webpage.

We will be testing this on Sat. If all works out, I was wondering if some of your membership might be interested being invited to an internet based „meeting demo“ toward the end of your meeting on the 29th of October. We would begin this around 9AM here in NY (That would be at 5PM in Germany) If someone there has a PC setup with Skype and a webcam we could have a two way video discussion afterward..

If the Skype connection is possible then, I will try to have a few people available for your members to see/meet at our end..

Alan Sharkis (formally news letter editor for the Old Hackers and current secretary of LIAUG)

Jim Harris (creator of Boot Fix for Sparta Dos and former sysop for the New Nest)

John Aalto (former President of LIAUG.. His artwork was on a number of Lighthouse front covers)

and possibly some other former members of the Old Hackers and LIAUG

I would need an e-mail address to send the necessary link and official invitation for each person who wishes to see the meeting/demonstration and if possible a contact (e-mail address) for the person with Skype

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns…

Respectfully, Patrick Mulvey (LIAUG President)

Ich bin sicher, dass einige von Euch auch daran interessiert sind, auch wenn sie nioht auf der Jahreshauptversammlung sind. Die Email Adresse von Patrick gibts per PN an mich.