Breakpoint 2010

Zum letzten Mal öffnet sich die Demoszene mit ihrem Event Breakpoint Zum achten und letzten Mal findet die "Breakpoint" statt.

Wo: Bingen am Rhein
Wann: 2.4. bis 5.4.2010

Als Grund für das absetzen dieses jährlichen Events ist laut Veranstalter "Wir sind zu alt dafür und wollen lieber Besucher sein statt die Organisatoren". Erwartet werden wie bisher über 1000 Teilnehmer aus über 30 Ländern.


Zitat der Webseite:
Why this will be the final Breakpoint event

You might ask yourself "why the heck are these guys stopping doing Breakpoint?". The truth is: "We are very old". Most of the 50 organizers inside the Breakpoint team have been doing this year after year for 8 years now. Months of pre-organizing, and every year multiple days of setting up the location, keeping the party running for 4 days, and then cleaning up everything for another 3 days. We LOVE the scene, and we love demoparties, but many of us really would enjoy being part of a party as a visitor for a change again.

Also, as there is no doubt, the scene indeed is in some minor trouble these days: Back when we started, being interested in computers (coding, graphics, composing) next to always meant you had to get into touch with the demo scene. May it be due to coding tutorials, may it be due to trackers, or because the best pixel tools or even games where created by demosceners. Plus, being a nerd wasn’t exactly a fashion trend neither, which helped form a close community with those sharing the same interests. Things are completely different these days – everyone who’s young is using computers, there is the Internet, and tons of ways to find people sharing interest in coding, graphics or music outside of the demoscene.

 These are reasons why there has been hardly coming any young fresh blood into the scene during the last years, which made the average scener become much older. This has been hitting us, too: The Breakpoint organizing team has been very happy to get a few new organizers in recent years, but we are nowhere near close that the required change in generation could actually take place inside our team. In other words: Right now there is no one we could pass the full duty over, without Breakpoint not being Breakpoint anymore. This is why the Breakpoint team together has decided that we will gather again one last time in 2010 to organize a good-bye Breakpoint. But that will be it.

We are highly interested in assisting any skilled team who would be willing to create a follow-up event for 2011, just as the guys from Mekka & Symposium back in the days had supported us once we announced that Breakpoint would be filling the gap the closing party had been leaving. Contact us at Breakpoint if you are interested.