Atari Party 2010

Neues US Event am Start Bilder und Videos vom Event 2009 finden sich hier:

Bill Kendrick schrieb am 25.01.2010 dazu in den Google-Groups:

Hi all!

Last March I organized an event in Davis, Calif. that I called „Atari Party.“
We had over a dozen Atari systems, spanning Atari 2600 through Jaguar, and
over 200 games for the public to come and play:

I haven’t picked a date (or venue — the public library in town, where
we met last year, is undergoing renovation thru mid-2010), but I’ve
started planning.

FYI – Plans for Atari Party 2010 move ahead!

(1) We’ll be screening a movie (if not two!).
So far, the documentary „Once Upon Atari“.

(2) We’ll be having a raffle, with some prizes donated to the event
by corporate sponsors:
* O’Reilly Media (gaming & retrogaming books)
* ThinkGeek ($100 gift certificates)
* Legacy Engineering (some USB Atari CX-40-style joysticks)

(3) I whipped together a cute (I think!) piece of flyer artwork
for this year’s party, using a collage of photos from last year
(in the late-1970s Atari 2600 game box art style):

(4) There are a pair of mailing lists you can subscribe to;

one (moderated) for news & announcements:

the other (discussion list) for volunteer coordination & fretting:

(5) And for the mailinglist-phobic, I’ve created a Facebook group: