Retro Computer Tag in Schiedam

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Termindatum: Sunday, 26. April 2009
Enddatum: Sunday, 26. April 2009
The Retro Computer Dag (Day) is back!
Sunday the 26th of April 2009, this is the date when the fifth edition of the Retro Computer Dag will be organised. The Retro Computer Dag is the biggest retro event in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg) for more than 4 years now and has been growing in popularity since the start. During the last events hundreds of visitors from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom have enjoyed our unique ambiance. No big commercial organiser, no entrance fees, no high food and drink prices, no parking costs and most importantly a fair solely for retro computers and games.

The retro Computer Dag is a day for every retro enthousiast in Holland and the rest of Europe. There is attention for every brand as long as they are not part of the present generation of machines. Also arcade cabinets and Mame have earned their own spot at this show. The Retro Computer Dag is a fair for collectors and bargain hunters, besides that this fair is a meeting place to meet your fellow enthousiasts and a place to play retro games freely.

So note the date down in your calendar, because on the 26th of April between 12.00 and 17.00 hours there is a whole to see and to buy for very low prices!

A small number of tables is still available!
It is still possible to reserve one or more tables to be an exhibitor. Every show we have more than 30 exhibitors and you can join them to show your hobby or to sell your (double) items. Ofcourse, like last time, we will use the same (retro) costs for the tables: only 5,- for a table of 80 by 120 cm. Everyone can enlist, not only companies.

For more information on the -Retro Computer Day- please visit Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or through the forum.

Hope to see you at the next Retro Computer Dag 26th of April 2009!!!

Fred, John and Ingrid