Neues Spiel: Click!

Passend zur Weihnachtszeit veröffentlicht Chris Martin ein neues Spiel. Es wird auch auf der New Years Disk 2009 erscheinen. Click! – Christmas 2008 Version
By Cybernoid

Game Options:
Press Option at the „Click!“ Screen to select between joystick, koala pad, light gun or ST mouse.

Press Start at before the first level, press fire, mouse button, etc between each level

Game Play:
The object of the game is to click on all the christmas icons except for the center icon or any icons like it.

1. The first icon clicked is worth 1 point, each icon just like the last one clicked, is work 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 points. Each icon like the last one clicked after the 8th is work 128 points.

2. Do not let the level fill up. There are 76 icon places.

Thus, you must balance your motives. On one hand you can let the screen fill up to allow you to gain more point multipliers, or on the other hand, you must not let the board fill up… and it will fill up quickly.