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„A comprehensive list of vendors, developers, publishers,
and repair shops for Atari 8-bit computers and their users“

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2008.07.20 preamble: added links to resurrected
2008.07.11 updated: epi, including TipConv 1.0.0
2008.07.09 Yoomp!: version 1.1
2008.07.09 added: Atari Fan Store (thanks Irek)
2008.07.07 HiassofT: Highspeed SIO patch for XL/XE OS and MyIDE OS V1.10
2008.07.07 MatoSimi: Fireball 1k
2008.06.09 MadTeam: Graph2Font, MADS


Subject: Introduction

All commercial vendors, developers, publishers, and repair shops should be listed here. „Active“ PD/freeware/shareware developers should also be listed. Persons or entities holding rights to products, but not selling or supporting them in any way, should NOT be listed here.

„Vendor“ = Reseller of products produced by others. Types of products sold are given in categories: new hardware, used hardware, PD/freeware/ shareware, (new) commercial software, used (commercial) software.

„Developer“ = Producer of products. Titles of products produced by the developer are listed. No prices are given.

„Publisher“ = Publishes a print or disk magazine, or a book. Complete subscription or ordering information should be given, including prices. Authorized online publishers of originally print or disk magazines are also listed. Online books are not listed.

„Repair Shop“ = Can repair 8-bit Atari or related hardware devices. Be sure to make advance contact before sending anything to work on!

Entries are presented alphabetically by company name, or publication title. If no company name exists, a personal name is used. „See“ references indicate complete information may be found under the given heading. „See also“ references indicate closely-related information may be found under the given heading.

The month/year that vendor information was most recently fully verified is given at the „upper-right“ of each entry.

Every entry must contain a valid postal address or web page address.

Unless explicitly requested by the vendor, no entries will include an email address due to the overwhelming amount of spam that would result.


The following is from (2004.03.27)

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This technical problem was solved in 1906 when the Universal Postal Union, during its Congress in Rome, introduced the International Reply Coupon service. International Reply Coupons (IRC) are exchangeable in all member countries for the minimum postage of a priority item or an unregistered airmail letter sent to a foreign country.

The UPU’s International Bureau processes approximately six million coupons each year and takes care of all accounting aspects. Developed countries are the largest users. The International Bureau does not sell ICRs directly to customers; they must buy them from their local post office. Although they are not obliged to sell ICRs, it is mandatory for all Posts of the UPU member countries to exchange the coupons.


Verfications -> YOU!
This list is in a constant state of development, and comes with no guarantees. Information of this nature constantly ages; therefore, the information contained in this list is constantly updated. Please use the latest release of this list whenever possible!

Remember, the success of this list is dependent on YOU, the reader, to send me updates that correct errors that you find. If you use this list, please do your part in keeping it useful for everyone!


Subject: A

4JAYS(Jay Colen) 9/04
519 W 4th St
Antioch CA 94509-1246
Shop Phone: 925-777-1160
Store Hours: Tuesday thru Friday 12-6pm – Saturday 11-5pm
Vendor: new and used hardware and commercial software

8-Bit Classics (Mr. Corey Koltz) 4/06
302 W Dewey St
Cassville WI 53806-9733
Phone: 608-725-2137
Vendor: new and used hardware and commercial software

A-ONE Online Magazine 2/07
See: Dana P. Jacobson

ABBUC HAR — Hannoverschen ABBUC Regionalgruppe2/07
Vendor: XF351 Upgrade-Kit includes Floppy + Cable + EPROM + Bootdisc, Used Atari 800 XL PAL, Speedy1050 TDS. Not all items online available– Ask for more information. Additionally vendor of: – all items from Frank Heuser Shop – all items from Wolfram Fischer Special lower prices for ABBUC members available.

ABBUC Regionalgruppe Frankfurt / Main (RAF) 5/07
Dillenburgerstrabe 61
60439 Frankfurt / Main
Vendor: MultiJoy8 cable and adapter
Developer: SIO2PC, Network Interface, 2 computer interface (automatic 2 computer switch for use the same peripherie), Schaltnetzteil (Power supply), 8 channel digital voltmeter, SIO2USB

Advantage Web Solutions & Computer Services (Jim Mason) 7/04
PO Box 561
Mason City IA 50402-0561
Developer: The Atari Weather Station — build your own dedicated temperature monitoring station using simple thermisters and the provided software. Also available: source code listing, temperature data aggregation utility

Alhart Enterprises Presents (AEP) 8/06
c/o Paul V. Alhart
524 N Z St
Lompoc CA 93436-5019
tel: (805) 736-4624
„encoded“ email: OOOp.alhart…@OOOverizonOOO.OOOnetOOO
Vendor: used hardware–mainly reconditioned disk drives: 810 (no case), 810 w/case, 810 w/Archiver, 1050, Rana 1000, 1050 w/doubler, Indus GT Developer: AtariWriter+ Companion (disk), AtariWriter+ Companion II (disk), StarStuffer (disk), Search System II (disk), Atari BASIC Enhancements (disk), 8-bit TTL Logic Analyzer (disk), MagicCalc (disk), Games disk: Jacks Cargoship + Light Pen/(Light Gun) Tic-Tac-Toe (disk). Publisher: RANA Repair Guide (book) – US$12 Repair shop: Atari disk drives

Altronic E.I.R.L. 6/04
Bolognesi 952
Callao 2
tel: (51)(1) 429-4298
Repair Shop.

Alltronics 8/05
PO Box 730
Morgan Hill CA 95038-0730
Phone: 408.778.3868 Hours: 10am to 4pm Monday – Frida
Fax: 408.779.2608
Vendor: Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad, Blaster! Auto Fire Module,
TV/Computer Switch

Art Transfair Berlin (Andre Motzkus) 2/07
Brunsbuetteler Damm 223d
13581 Berlin
Vendor: Computer, expansion, Floppy, memory-upgrades up to 16 mb,
Audio A/D changer, additional many other Atari items (16/32/64bit).
Special lower prices for ABBUC members.

Atari800 Development Team6/06
See also: Mark Grebe
See also: Christian Groessler
See also: Piotr Fusik
See also: Kostas Nakos
See also: Vasyl Tsvirkunov
See also: Ludovic Jacomme
Petr Stehlik (maintainer), Troy Ayers (Playstation 2), Michael Borisov (POKEY sound), Piotr Fusik (core developer), Mark Grebe (Mac OSX), Christian Groessler (Sega Dreamcast), Perry McFarlane (cycle-exact ANTIC and GTIA), Kostas Nakos (Windows CE), Krzysztof Nikiel (Win32), Jacek Poplawski (SDL), Vasyl Tsvirkunov (Windows CE), James Wilkinson (DOS, BeOS, Win32), Ludovic Jacomme (PSP) or
Developer: Atari800 2.0.2 – an Atari 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 130XE
and 5200 emulator for Unix, Linux, Win32, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon,
BeOS, WinCE, Mac OSX, Playstation 2 and other systems

Atari8Warez (Ray) 10/07
Toronto, Ontario
Developer: SIO2PC serial interface cable,
10502PC / ProSystem Serial Interface cable

AtariAge (Albert Yarusso, Alex Bilstein)4/06
PO Box 27217
Austin TX 78755-2217
Vendor: new hardware (includes homebrew project supplies by Pixels Past)
Developer: Beef Drop cartridge (by Ken Siders) (Kevin Savetz) 6/05
Vendor: exclusive software downloads: Simax Video Signmaker, Simax Picture Disks; SCREENS by Joseph J. Wrobel; Slime, Fort Apocalypse, and Dimension X by Steve Hales; Chicken, Nautilus, Protector II, and Shadow World by Mike Potter; Dragon’s TAIL (Toolkit And Integrated Library) by Ed Churnside; Shark and OS/II by Matthew Stepka; Atari Program Exchange (APX) titles: Lemonade, Preschool Games, Reversi, Newspaper Route Management Program, Alien Egg, Sultan’s Palace, Extended fig-FORTH, Supersort, Lookahead, Dice Poker, Babel, Domination, Decision Maker, Terry, Eastern Front (1941), Wizard’s Revenge, Mapware, Diskette Librarian, Chameleon CRT Terminal Emulator, Data Management System, Instedit, Pro Bowling, Downhill, Blackjack Casino, DSEMBLER, T: A Text Display Device, Dog Daze, Memory Match, Attank!, Insomnia (A Sound Editor), Astrology, Weekly Planner, Family Cash Flow, Mathemetic-Tac-Toe, Ultimate Renumber Utility, Stereo 3-D Graphics Package, Solitaire, Source Code For Eastern Front (1941), Letterman, Number Blast, Advanced Musicsystem, Isopleth Map-Making Package, Keypad Controller, Family Budget, Speed-O-Disk, Starware, Instedit – Microsoft BASIC version, Midas Touch, Seven Card Stud, Rabbotz, Algicalc, Polycalc, Family Vehicle Expense, Frogmaster, Galahad And The Holy Grail, Cribbage, Mantis Boot Tape Development System, Math*UFO, Easygrader, Snark Hunt, Calculus Demon, Mankala, Monkey Up A Tree, Deep Blue C Compiler, Game Show, Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis, Diskmenu, Quarxon, Yahtman, Microsailing, BASIC/XA, Melt-Down, Deep Blue Secrets, Magic Melody Box, I’m Different!, Air Raid!, Catterpiggle, Getaway!, Punctuation Put-On, Drawit, Dandy, Home Inventory, Circuit Lab, Bootleg, Smasher, Moon Marauder, Puzzler, Ringmaster, Excalibur, Cartoonist, Bellum, Mastermatch, Weakon, Dog Daze Deluxe, Dragon’s Quest or a Twist in the Tail, Character Fun, Bumpomov’s Dogs, De Re Atari, Envision, Gossip, Erg Publisher: authorized online editions of books: Digital Deli, Best of Creative Computing volumes 1-3, Machine Language For Beginners, Second Book of Machine Language, Mapping the Atari, Master Memory Map for the Atari, De Re Atari, Atari Roots, Assembly Language Programming for the Atari Computers, Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design, Atari Player-Missile Graphics in BASIC, Compute!’s First Book of Atari Graphics, Compute!’s Second Book of Atari Graphics, Compute!’s First Book of Atari, Compute!’s Second Book of Atari, Computer Graphics Primer, Computer Animation Primer, Inside Atari DOS, SpeedScript: The Word Processor for Atari Computers, Electronic Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Personal Computers, Computer Controller Cookbook, Atari BASIC – A Self-Teaching Guide, Atari Basic XL Edition, The Epson Connection: Atari XE/XL, Creating Adventure Games On Your Computer, BASIC Computer Games, More BASIC Computer Games, Big Computer Games, BASIC Computer Adventures, Artist and Computer, Colossal Computer Cartoon Book. also: The Ol‘ Hackers Atari Users Group (OHAUG) Newsletter: 1990-2000

Atari Fan Store (Irek) 7/08
New York NY
Vendor: Polish hardware products, including: SIO2IDE, SIO2SD,
KMK/JZ/IDEa IDE Interface

Atarimax (Steven J. Tucker) 5/07
3978 Brookside Blvd
Cleveland OH 44111-5106
tel: 216-577-8329
Developer: APE, the Atari Peripheral Emulator: APE and ProSystem v3.0.2 for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, APE & ProSystem 1.18 for DOS/Win3/95/98, APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 for XL/XE, APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 for 1200XL, Imagic 1.06 95/NT – Atari Disk Image Conversion System (ATR/XFD/DCM/SCP), Imagic 1.06 DOS, Atari Terminal Simulator ATS 2.0 (SR2) – ATASCII Telnet/Serial Terminal & Break Movie Player 95/NT, Break Movie Screensaver 95/NT, MaxFlash Flash MultiCart (1Mbit or 8Mbit), SIO2PC/ProSystem Universal Interface (RS232 and USB editions), Atarimax/ABBUC USB Cartridge, MyIDE+Flash IDE Interface Cartridge

Atari Online News, Etc. 2/07
See: Dana P. Jacobson

The Atari Shop (Sandra) 1/07
The Netherlands
Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used commercial software

The Atari Times (Gregory George) 2/05
Publisher: The Atari Times online newsletter,
The Atari Times Compendium (paper book, published annually)

Atlantis Games Group 8/07
(Sal „Kjmann“ Esquivel, TJ „Damage X“ Edmister, Gary „Rybags“ Ryan,
Zdenek „Psuedografx“ Eisenhammer, Peter „peteofborg“ Meyer
Developer: OutRun Project, Battle Squadron Project

AV Toolbox 1/04
Phone 800-235-3280 or 859-647-1077
Fax 859-282-8225
Developer: a number of composite videoVGA conversion devices,
including the Cheese Video Box. Connect your Atari to your PC monitor!


Subject: B

B & C ComputerVisions (B&C, Bruce & Cathy Carso) 1/05
5917 Stope Way
El Dorado CA 95623-4716
tel: (530) 295-9270 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday (Pacific Time)
Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware

Eric Bacher, with James Wilkinson 6/06 or
Developer: Dis6502 2.2 (Interactive 6502 Disassembler for Win32,
designed to specifically support Atari binary files)

Matthew Bacon 2/07
Publisher: MyAtari online magazine (back issues online)

BAKTRA Software (Michael Kalous) 5/08
Czech republic
Developer: TURGEN SYSTEM (converts data to various turbo formats, produces
sound or cassette images), Caverns of the lost miner (Game for atari written
in C, open source), mmSAP 2 (SAP player for GNU/Linux), DTX Manager (Editor
of Atari DOS 2 executables), libataricas (library for atari cassette image
manipulation with turbo support)

Richard Bannister 1/04
See also: Chris Lam
Developer: Rainbow v1.5.0 – port of Rainbow 1.4 (Atari 800 series emulator
for MacOS 9) to Mac OS X, Emulator Enhancer v1.4.1

Lee Barnes10/04
Developer: MyDOS RAMdisk patches, Black Box ATASPI V0.42 („Atari (Advanced)
SCSI Programming Interface“), Black Box ATASPI V0.41

Ullrich von Bassewitz 4/08
Developer: cc65 2.12.0 – a complete cross development package for 65(C)02
systems, including a macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and
several other tools.

BBK Enterprises (Bryan P. Schappel and Barry Kolbe) 7/05
See: RTS Software

Michael Beck 4/07
Developer: Atari 8bit filesystem for Linux 0.1

Matthias Belitz („msc“)10/04
Developer: msc-IDE Controller (IDE interface for PBI/ECI — sold out), IDE software utilities: INSTALL.COM V1.03, SETUP.COM V1.13, FDISK.COM V1.10, MAP.COM V1.10, HDINST.COM V1.00, LMAP.OBJ V1.03, CDPLAY.COM V1.0, CDREAD.COM V1.4, IMG2DISK.COM V1.00. Black Box ATASPI V0.40 („Atari (Advanced) SCSI Programming Interface“), ATASPI CDPLAY V0.20 (audio CD player), ATASPI MON V0.12 (SCSI monitor)

Bensley Consulting (Brett Bensley)1/04
PO Box 301
Westfield IL 62474-0301
tel: (217) 967-5465
Developer: Happy’s Programs – Math, U.S. History, Astronauts, Triangles

Best Electronics (Brad Koda) 6/07
672 Commercial St
San Jose CA 95112-1406
Telephone: (408) 278-1070 (M-F 1:30pm to 5:00pm PST)
FAX: (408) 278-1092
E-FAX: (815) 364-3703
Vendor: new hardware, commercial software
Developer: „XE“ Touch keyboard upgrade for XE computers, Best Light Gun, Best Gold CX40 Joystick PCB, Atari CX40 Joystick Rebuild Kit with Atari Upgraded CX40 Handle and Best Gold CX40 PCB, Atari CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the Best Gold CX40 PCB, Atari Jaguar Power Pad to Other Atari Systems Adapter Cable, Sega Genesis Controllers To Atari Systems Adapter Cable

B.G. Micro 8/05
555 N 5th St Ste 125
Garland TX 75040-5097
orders: 1-800-276-2206 or 972-205-94479am – 5pm CST, Monday – Friday
fax: 972-205-9417
Vendor: Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad, hard-to-find chips for Atari disk
drives (per Russ Gilbert)

Big Five Software (Bill Hogue, Jeff Konyu, Curtis Mikolyski) 8/06
Developer: Bounty Bob Emulator for Windows NT, 2000, 98, and ME

BITS (SoLo2) 3/08
Developer: Intro #1501 (v20080312), Intro #1502 (v20080314)

Blackened Technologies 10/07
Ken Jones (MetalGuy66), Sergio Larrondo (WareRat), Stephen J. Carden
Developer: The „NEW“ MIO

Bravo Sierra Computers (BSC) (Ben Smith)11/04
tel: (503) 256-9974 „Ben’s Benevolent Help HotLine“ 24 hours or or
Vendor: used/new Games/Software, Hardware/Accessories, Books/References

Zdenek Burian 4/08
Marie Majerove 33
Prostejov 6
798 11
Czech Republic
Tel. 582 360 714
Publisher: FLOP disk magazine, annual (FLOP 51 published April 2008)

Artur Burzynski (j131)1/05
Poland or
Developer: SIO2PC cables


Subject: C

Sidney Cadot 8/06
The Netherlands
Developer: ROMCRC-32 revision 1.0.2, Atari XL/XE Reverse Engineered
Annotated ROM Listing, SID-LOAD 1.0.5, BINTRIM 1.0.1

Mario Caillahuz („Allas“) 11/07
Developer: Plague Attack, Voyage to Home, Accion, MULE Wars

James Catalano / Classic 8-Bit Atari / Artacyis Software 1/07
Developer: Axe Dreadroom, Death Quest, Darkrealm Keep, Terror Below, Anteater, Buried Treasure Hidden Death, Camp Killemoff, Chivalry, Cliff Climber, Code Red Rescue, Defend the Donut, G-Man 1920, Graveyard, Gun Slinger, Hopper, Incoming!, Monster From the Deep, Orccon, Pengy’s Arctic Adventure, Pin Pong, Seagull, Skulls, Snakepit, Spellbreaker, Splashdown, Bioroid Battle, Knights of Battle, Line of Fire, Mine Sweeper, Sea Strike, Sub Hunt, Rally XL, Swamp Rider, Turbo Trek, Airlord, Canyon Run, Tail Gunner, Aliens: Genocide, Aliens: Search for Newt, Computer Virus, Lunar Miner, The Mad Camper, Nightmirrors, Pipeworks, Rooms of Rondomm, Rotile, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Blackjack, Catapult, Champion Greyhound Racing, Demonix: Battle of Souls, Gennetixx, Knock Out!, Particles, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Psybercom, Saucerian, Saucerian II, Shuttle Run, Star Rider, Starlord 5, Stellar Rescue, Teleport

Gray Chang 2/05
Developer: Dog Daze, Claim Jumper, Dog Daze Deluxe, Bumpomov’s Dogs

Classic Computer Magazine Archive (Kevin Savetz) 2/05
Publisher: authorized digitized editions of: Antic (1982-1990), STart
(1986-1991), Creative Computing (1974-1985), Creative Computing Video &
Arcade Games (1983), Hi-Res (1983-1984), Compute! (1979-1994)

Computer Games Plus 3/04
PO Box 6144
Orange CA 92863-6144
tel: (714) 639-8189
Vendor: commercial software, plus a few power supplies

Computer Software Services (CSS) (Bob Puff)4/07
1350 Buffalo Rd Ste 2
Rochester NY 14624-1829
tel: (585) 429-5639
Fax: (585) 247-7158
Vendor: hard drive systems (include a hard disk, Black Box, power supply, controller, cables, and software), SIO cables, hard disk controllers: Adaptec 4000 SCSI, Adaptec 4070 (RLL) SCSI, Xebec S1410a SASI Developer: Black Box, Black Box with 64K Printer Buffer, Black Box Printer Cable, Black Box Modem Cable, Floppy board, Super-E Burner, Gang Super-E Burner, Multiplexer, Multiplexer Slave Unit, Quintopus, Quintopus with Switchable Ports, Super Archiver, Super Archiver II, Super Archiver –> SA II Upgrade, XF Single Drive Upgrade, XF Single Drive Upgrade (without Drive Mech), XF Dual Drive Upgrade, XL Dual Drive Upgrade (without Drive Mech), XF551 Enhancer, XF Update, Ultra Speed Plus OS, Hard Drive Pro Backup, Super Pill, Disk Cracker, Black Patch
Shareware developer: SuperUnArc 2.4, SuperArc 2.4, Disk Communicator 3.2,
Repair Shop.

Cosine Systems (Exin [Sebastian], Intensity [Arman], Odie [Sean], 1/06
Sack [Adam], Magic Roundabout [Jason])
United Kingdom
Developer: demos: C.G.M. UKScene Radio Intro, 1K Party. game: Reaxion

Preston Crow 2/06
Developer: binload v2.5 (with Chad Wagner – Atari binary load format file analyzer), atr2unix v1.2 (with Chad Wagner – Extract files from an Atari DOS or MyDOS .ATR file), unix2atr v0.9 (Extract files from a Unix directory tree and create a MyDOS ATR-format disk image file), dcmtoatr v1.4 (written by Chad Wagner), MyDos Binary Menu, SIO2Linux 2.0.1 (with Pavel Machek – a rewrite of SIO2PC software for Linux), DISK 4.0 (sector editor and more)

CSW-Verlag 2/07
Weidenstrabe 13/1
71364 Winnenden
tel/FAX: +49 (0) 71 95/6 11 20
Publisher: RETRO magazine. Themes: Retro-computing for all systems.
Atari part: approx. 10%. (Not only 8bit) 9.90 euro per magazine, 4
magazines per year for 35 euro.

CyberRoach Publishing (Hans Reutter)2/05
Seattle WA
Publisher: authorized digitized edition of A.N.A.L.O.G. 400/800 Magazine
(1981-1982), ANALOG Computing (1982-1989)


Subject: D

D’Antiques (Dan Dotson and Marilyn Saul)9/06
PO Box 40751
Tucson AZ 85717-0751
FAX: (561) 658-0835
Vendor: used hardware and software

See: Dean Garraghty

Dial Group (Zenon, Voy, Jager) 5/05
Developer: DOS Control v2.6. demos: MayDay!, Smells like a cream?, What is love?. utilities: TwoCol v1.0, D-Font View v1.1, D-Sample v1.0MS, D-RAM v1.1, X-RAM v1.0, DocView Maker v1.0, D-Trans v0.9, Short Test v1.2, Moj Cartridge v0.1, TOMS Multi Drive ROM-disk Maker, ProgBaza v1.5, Double RAM-Cart. games: Dreszcz – Fighting Fantasy Game. system:
Scene Register v5.0.
Publisher: Serious Magazine (disk mag), 1998-

Digital Force (Mario Trams) 1/07
Developer: HyperSpeed XL/XE (public domain hardware project– a
65C816 Processor Extension for the ATARI XL/XE)

Florian Dingler (Flo)4/07
Developer: Ice-Hockey (for MultiJoy interface, March/April 2002),
Sheep-Race (for MultiJoy interface, Aug 2002),
CardGrabber (for MultiJoy interface, May-Aug 2002),
Peripheral Test (May-July 2004)

Discount Video Too (Gary) 11/03
3223 S US Highway 1 Ste F
Fort Pierce FL 34982-6380
tel: (561) 464-0019 1pm-9pm (EST) Mon-Sat
Vendor: commercial software and some hardware

DLT Ltd.2/08
See also: trub
Developer: SpartaDOS X 4.41

Draco (Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz, KMK)1/08
Poland or
Developer: 65C816 XL OS: 65C816 XL OS v. 2.22 (28.II.2007.), FastRAM Test, QE for Warp/F7, SD-Load, D2D v.0.5, grep, LPOKE/LPEEK. MultiBASIC: MultiBASIC v.0.33, MultiBASIC Manual. „KMK/JZ IDE“ ATA Interface: IDE BIOS 1.11, User’s manual, Utility disk. SpartaDOS: Eddy v.1.02, HDSC 1.5, CP v.1.3b, SpartaDOS TAR v.1.4a, SD-Load, DiskRX 1.9a. Utility programs for (any) Atari 8-bit: DEMON, EYE, RW-Test, SysInfo 2.11. Patches for: Moon Patrol, Music Protracker v.2.4, Perestroyka Demo, Prof!’s XDIR.


Subject: E

Gene Ehrich – „Computer & Video Game Garage Sale“ 1/07
PO Box 3365
Spring Hill FL 34611-3365
Vendor: used hardware, used commercial software

Emulators (Derek Mihocka) 8/06
14150 NE 20th St Ste 302
Bellevue WA 98007-3700
Developer: Gemulator 2000 version 8.03 – Atari 8-bit & Atari ST & Apple Macintosh Plus emulator for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2K/XP, Xformer 2000 8.0 – 8-bit Atari emulator for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000, PC Xformer Classic 3.8 – 8-bit Atari emulator for MS-DOS

Epi/Tristesse^O.S. (Adrian Matoga) 7/08
See also: Tristesse
See also: O.S.
Adrian Matoga
ul. Jezdziecka 11
30-698 Krakow
Developer: NeoTracker 1.7, NeoTracker Winamp plugin v0.2, TipConv 1.0.0, TIP Tools 0.3.1 includes TipView 1.0 and BMP2TIP 0.21, xunzip 2.1, sapemu 0.1 (, HardCore Assembler (hcasm) 1.0, brULlwurFeL, TDC Hack Demou, Sztab Malopolska #3 Invitation

Raphael Espino 8/07
United Kingdom or
Developer: Ramdrive v1.0 (DOS-independent ramdisk utility), Atari 8-bit
JPEG Viewers: a8jdpeg 0.8 (14Sep02) „The original Atari 8-bit interface“,
JpegView 0.9 (17Oct03) „A friendlier menu oriented version of a8jdpeg“,
JpegShow 0.1 (07Aug01) „A slideshow version“,
CpegView 0.5 (18Aug07) „The colour JPEG viewer for Atari 8-bit computers“


Subject: F

Fandal 4/08
Czech Republic
Developer: Sturbon Intro, FreeCellXE, TriPeaksXE, HexxagonXE, Astro Road,
Cubico, The Storm, A Tribute to Quorthon, Bombex, The Steam Train,
Astro4 Road, Mysterion Preview, Mind Blast, Outlaw, Swapz

Far North Atari Computers(Frank Stallings) 1/04
515 Craig Ave
Fairbanks AK 99701-3201
tel: 907-456-3700
Vendor: new and used hardware and software, PD/freeware/shareware

Joe Fenton 1/04
Developer: ACE (Atari Console Emulator, an Atari 400/800/XL emulator for
68K based Amigas), WACKE (Weightless Atari Computer Keepsake Emulator,
Atari 400/800/XL/XE emulation for the PowerMac),

Wolfram Fischer (Mega-Hz) 11/07
See also: ABBUC HAR
Dorfstrasse 1a
28870 Ottersberg
„encoded“ email: OOOmega-hz…@OOOt-onlineOOO.OOOdeOOO
Vendor: SIO2IDE 3.3, SIO2SD rev.1, SIO2SD rev.2, SIO2PC interface
Developer: Speedy 1050 TDS with track-led, 256KB memory expansion for
Special lower prices for ABBUC members.

FLOP disk magazine5/05
See: Zdenek Burian

Foundation Two 1/07
(Mad Butscher, Beetle, Mr.XY, R.I.K., Yellow Man, twh, MoAco, Artie Stolks,
Developer: Taifun, Bembel Wo, Milligreen, Pokey Ohrblut,
Bremspunkt (Brems.)

Ron Fries 4/07
Developer: PokeySound Atari POKEY Chip Emulator V2.3 (19 Jan 98),
Pokey Sound Emulation Library V2.3 (January 19, 1998)

Piotr Fusik / „Fox“ / „0xF“ 4/08
See also: Atari800 Development Team
See also: Infinity
See also: Odsiecz Sobieskiego
See also: PMWD
See also: Taquart
See also: Yoomp!
Poland or
Developer: Atari utilities: Professional Copy 2.1, FlashPack 2.1,
PowerGraph 1.0, GR8 Logoser 1.1; PC utilities: ASAP (Another Slight Atari
Player) 1.2.0, xasm 3.0.1, SAP Maker 5.0, unsap


Subject: G

Dean Garraghty Software (DGS) 8/04
(all cheques, etc. payable to: D.Garraghty)
62 Thomson Ave
Phone: +44-(0)-7905-916138 (9a.m to 8p.m GMT/BST daily)
Vendor: used hardware/software, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware includes International English versions of Power Per Post (PPP) software from Germany; Commercial Software Collection CD-ROM includes: Quick (programming language) V2.2 and V2.1, Quick Support Disks 1 and 2, Screen Aided Management (SAM) V1.25i (80-column desktop system), SAM Budget (spreadsheet), SAM Designer (DTP), SAM Utility Extensions, 4 PPP games (Rubberball, Bombi, Minesweeper, Glaggs It!), Quick Ed (character set editor), Digi-Studio, News-Disk issues 1-14, News-Paper issues 15-26, News-Paper Yearly Disk 1, Print-Filer from Rambit, AMS 96 video in MPEG-1 format, various PD software; Public Domain Software Collection CD-ROM includes 191 mostly double-sided disks plus some bonus software
Developer: Digi-Studio (digitized sounds/music package),
Cables (each Atari 8-bit to TV): SCART, RCA Phono, Combined
Publisher: News-Paper, News-Disk (back issues available)
File Transfer Service: transfers files between Atari and PC

Bostjan Gorisek (Gury, Firemover) 6/07
Developer: Sprite Engine 1.0.3

Steve Goss 1/04
Developer: Beast, Plastron, Project Xanthien, Contagion, Z-Force,
Zero War, Menace, Pacland, Moonbase

Mark Grebe11/07
See also: Atari800 Development Team
Developer: Atari800MacX 3.8.1 (version of Atari800 emulator for Mac OS X),
Sio2OSX 2.0 (variation of APE or SIO2PC for Mac OS X)

Christian Groessler 5/08
See Also: Atari800 Development Team
Developer: Atari800DC 0.77 (Atari800 emulator for SEGA Dreamcast), Contiki 1.0 for Atari (a working release of the Contiki web browser for the Atari 8bit systems)


Subject: H

Lee Hanken 1/07
United Kingdom
Developer: ATASCIIView Versi
on 1.3 (ATASCII file viewer for MS-Windows).
web-based Atari 8-bit ATASCII file viewer:

c/o Bodo Juerss
Amandastr. 50
D-20357 Hamburg
Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware (>1000 disks available)

Harmonic Research 9/05
40 Wiley Ln
Woodstock NY 12498-1228
tel/FAX: 845-679-5856
Developer: VC101A NTSC to RGBS Decoder, VC102A PAL to RGBS Decoder, VC111A NTSC to Component Decoder, VC112A PAL to Component Decoder, VC303 NTSC/PAL Decoder/Doubler, CV121A RGBS to NTSC Encoder, CV122A RGBS to PAL Encoder, CV131A Component to NTSC Encoder, CV132A Component to PAL Encoder, CV223 RGBS to NTSC Pro w/BNC’s, CV233 Component to NTSC w/BNCs, RGB2X2/HD 2in/2out RGB Switch, various related cables and adapters

Hasbro, Inc. 8/05
1027 Newport Ave
Pawtucket RI 02861-2539
tel: 401-431-TOYS (8697)
Developer: instructions for Parker Brothers games (PDF scans): AstroChase,
Chess, Frogger, Frogger II: Threeedeep!, Gyruss, James Bond 007, Popeye,
Q*Bert, Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, Super Cobra

Frank Heuser 2/07
Kappelstrasse 10
67269 Gruenstadt
Vendor: new hardware expansion items, including: SIO2PC (internal/
external), 1050PC, Midi, Voicebox (Atari Magazin), Function keys,
16-OS-switch, AKI, RAM Expansion, Audio/Video cable and adapter, Videobox.
Special lower prices for ABBUC members.

c/o Matthias Reichl
Wolfgangerstr. 26
A-4820 Bad Ischl
Developer: AtariSIO V0.30-pre1 beta for Linux (package contains: a Linux kernel driver; atariserver – an Atari disk drive emulator similar to SIO2PC or APE; atarixfer – a small tool to read/write ATR images to an Atari disk drive connected by a 1050-2-PC or ProSystem cable), AtariDsk V1.2 (read, write and format DD 180K Atari disks on the PC), WriteAtr V0.92b (write double density ATR-images to Atari floppy disks on your PC; also create ATR-images of double density floppy disks), MyPicoDos V4.04 (small „gamedos“ that can read COM, EXE, BIN and BAS files; supports MYDOS subdirectories and large disks), MyIDE Tool V0.30 (direct access to harddrives in MyIDE format on your Linux/Windows PC), Highspeed SIO patch for XL/XE OS and MyIDE OS V1.10 (extends the SIO routine of the OS to support: Ultra speed (Happy 1050, Speedy, SIO2PC, …), 1050 Turbo, XF551, and Warp speed (Happy 810) )

High Street Micro(Tony Cank) 8/05
First floor 20 – 22 High Street
Crewe, Cheshire CW2 7BN
United Kingdom
Tel: 01270 250871
Fax: 01270 580964
Shop Times: 8 am To 4 pm, Saturday: 9 am To 1 pm, Sunday: Closed
Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

Gordon F. Hooper / GFH Marketing 1/04
253 Regina Ave.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada. V8Z 1J6
Publisher: 8-Bits Forever! (book, (c)1994)

Tom Hunt (Closer To Home Enterprises)2/07
Developer: The Armorizer (file corruption detector), ATOS (graphical desktop environment), BrainFork (programming language), Check CRC32, Disk Fragmentation Utility, The Long Integer Library (CC65 and Action! versions), M.T.O.S. (Multi-Tasking Operating System), Micro BASIC, Mouse (programming language), RC4 Encryptor, Rcopy – Recursive Copy Utility, Rdelete – Recursive Delete Utility, Shell (for SpartaDOS), Snapshot, The Sound Utility, Term80, UnZip, Z-Code, CC65 Cross Compiler, The PC-Gateway (allows you to use your old computer or dumb terminal to access the internet), CTH Emulator (based on Atari800 0.9.8, will allow you to run an 8-bit bbs on the internet),

Chris Hutt (Sheddy) 8/07
Developer: Space Harrier Conversion Project


Subject: I

IEC „Innovative Electronics & Computing“4/07
6185 E 56th Ave
Commerce City CO 80022-3959
Phone: +1-303-288-5000
(USA) 800-765-4432 Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-6:00PM MT
Fax: +1-303-288-5099
Developer: Atari connectors: Atari 13 Position Buss Connector for Atari 400 and Atari 800 Computers. Atari cables: ( ) Atari Color Monitor Cable 5′, Atari Monochrome Monitor Cable 5′, Atari Color Monitor Cable With 2 RCA Plugs 5′, Atari Monitor Cable With 2 RCA Plugs 5′, Atari Lefty Joystick Adapter, Atari IF850 and IF860 Parallel Cable 6′, Atari IF850 and IF860 Modem Cable 6′, Atari IF850 and IF860 to Serial Printer Cable 6′, Atari 400 and 800 Bus (SIO) Cable 6′

individual Computers(Jens Schoenfeld) 8/05
Roermonder Str 228
52072 Aachen
Fax: +49 241 12088
Developer: Catweasel universal floppy disk controller (read/write Atari MFM formats): Catweasel MK2 (Amiga 1200/4000), Catweasel ZII S-Class (combo of Buddha Flash IDE controller/Catweasel MK2 for Amiga 1200/4000), Catweasel ISA version (MSDOS PC (reads disks only) or Linux Alpha AXP)

Krzysztof ‚Sir Leo‘ Zeglen (group leader), Piotr ‚Fox‘ Fusik,
Jakub ‚Qba‘ Spodar
See also: Piotr Fusik
Developer: Drunk Chessboard (16K intro, Orneta-Party 1996)

Integrated Logic Systems (ILS – Stephen J. Carden) 4/07
3321 Jonathan Cir
Augusta GA 30906-3829
Developer: Multiplexer (MUX) board Version 1.1 July 21, 2006, TurBoss O/S (Atari XL/XE O/S Replacement Module), TCPIP Express, Real.DOS Ver 1.0a Build 0024 2-Oct-06


Subject: J

Jeff Jackson 8/06
Developer: JLS BASIC – Jackson Languange System BASIC compiler

Dana P. Jacobson 2/07
USA or
Publisher: Atari Online News, Etc. — A-ONE Online Magazine. weekly

Ludovic Jacomme (Zx-81) 3/07
Developer: PSPAtari v1.0.7: Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator for PSP
(port of Atari800 emulator for PlayStation Portable)

JAY Software (Jan Krupka and Stanislav Opichal)9/05
Czech Republic or
Developer: Turbobasic DOS, Universal Hcopy, Title Maker, Disc Monitor for
all densities (not complete version), Minesweeper for 8bit atari (not
complete version)

Shawn Jefferson 11/07
Victoria, BC
Developer: MyIDE Config 4.0, MyIDE Image Manager 4.1,
MyIDE Image Batcher 1.0


Subject: K

Nick Kennedy 5/07
300 S Vancouver Ave
Russellville AR 72801-5632
tel: (501) 967-3843
Developer: SIO2PC 4.21 (Atari 8-bit to PC Interface) and 1050-2-PC (Atari
Drive to PC Interface): software, hardware plans, cables, parts (not for
Windows-XP), HAM Terminal for Atari, The WA5BDU Computer Keyer 1.5
(morse code keyer program)

Komires (Miroslaw Koziol, Slawomir Koziol) 7/07
Developer: EMUAPC DEMO 0.92 (Atari 8-bit emulator for DOS and Win32)

Krishna Software (Krishnasoft) 1/07
173 Prestwick Way
Edison NJ 08820-4680
Developer: Multi-platform Distributive Operating System (MPDOS) Standard (version 1.00. simulate joystick, mouse, keyboard with a PC), MPDOS Professional for Atari (version 1.00. simulate Atari disk drive and cassette program recorder), Sound Processing Software (SPS) 1.00 (software for Windows suitable for creating sounds for the Atari)

Miro Kropacek (MiKRO) 9/05
Slovakia or
Developer: Sprite Editor 1.2 for Atari XE/XL (Simple tool for sprite
editing), ATR to XFD 1.0 for TOS compatible platform (Converts standard ATR
in double density to XFD format)

Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki 11/07
See also: Wolfram Fischer
Developer: SIO2SD project


Subject: L

Chris Lam 10/03
See also: Richard Bannister
United Kingdom
Developer: Rainbow 1.4 – Atari 8-Bit Emulator for Apple MacOS 9, Rainbow 95 v1.36 – Atari 8-bit Emulator for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP

Lantronix, Inc.1/05
15353 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine CA 92618-2216
Tel: +1 (949) 453-3990
Fax: +1 (949) 453-3995
Developer: Serial to Ethernet interface devices that may be used to connect an 8-bit Atari computer (or any device with a serial port) directly to a broadband network, including: UDS-10, MSS100

LaResistance (born, NoiD, powrooz, pr0be, stryker)3/07
Developer: edict (intro), Silly Venture 2k4 Invitation, polymatrix (demo),
the shrine (demo)

Derek Ledbetter8/05
540 Canal St Apt 9
San Rafael CA 94901-4145
Home Phone (415) 256-1931
Developer: Atari800 Emulator 1.0.7 developement release 3 for MacOS 8.6 and
later, and OS X

Marcin Lewandowski (Jaskier/Taquart)8/05
See also: Taquart
ul. Wyszynskiego 15/22
87-100 Torun
Poland and
Developer: CZYTNIK.ASM, EXODUS.ASM, GEDVIEW.ASM, IN1.ASM, POLTRA.ASM, MPT (Music ProTracker) data converter, MPT replayer 2.4, CMC Player 2.1, Grunwald 1410, November Demo, Back 2 Life, Energy Zine #1 intro, AFM (Atari Font Maker) 2.0, TMC Theta Music Composer v. 1.11, Back 2 Life 2, 3DScroll, TMC Theta Music Composer 2.0, Converter (from Atari Quick Assembler to PC X-Asm), Atari800Win PLus 4.0 (for Windows, based on Atari800)

LogicalVue Software (Paul Lefebvre) 1/04
27 Boysenberry Dr
South Portland ME 04106-7803
USA or
Developer: bomBer, Asteroid Run


Subject: M

MacFalkner (Andre Bertram) 9/06
Germany or
Developer: 8 bit Hardware: A.K.I.-ATARI Keyboard Interface, ATARI-Flash-OS, Flash-Drive, SIO-2-PC Interface. 8 bit PC Software: A.S.S.I.-ATARI (6502 Cross) Assembler, D.A.S.S.I.-ATARI Disassembler. 8 bit ATARI Software: MEMDRV10

MadTeam (Tebe, Pajero, Profi, Rage, Psychol, Rocky, KAMM)6/08
Developer: demos: Happy Demo, MadTeam Intro, The Muppet Movie Show, IGOR, FAJER, SINTRO, Running Cow, LAJF, Journey, Vasco, X, Splash, TIT, ANI, SAMAR Graphics Collection, Kaszel #1, Syzygy #8, Dupland Slideshow. games: Droga Do Duplandu, Mental Age, Dyna Blaster, Getris, Nibbly. Utilities: Pro Tracker 1.5, Intertia Player 3.7, Intertia Player 4.5, Mathaf****r Editor 3.1, Mathaf****r Reader 1.1, Turbo 2000F, Visage 2.7, XL-Paint 2.5MaX, 2.6MaX, Rip2Max, 2xMPT 8Channel Stereo Project 1.0, Atari Commander 1.81, Via Copy 4.4, SAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours (SHIMC) Editor 1.0, LZW Pack 4.2, Squash 1.4, Total Commander ATR Plugin v1.5. PC utilities: Graph2Font (convert graphics to Atari chars and design multicolor graphics for the Atari), MADS (Mad-Assembler: 4-pass crossassembler designed for 6502 and 65816 processors)

Magazin-Archiv (Matthias Jaap) 2/05
Publisher: authorized digitized editions of ATARImagazin (1987-1989), Computer-Kontakt (1985-1987), Happy Computer (1984-1989)

MatoSimi (Martin Simecek) 7/08
Developer: CMC Musix 1 (demo), CMC MSX Extractor (utility), Plasma4 (intro), Atari FontMaker v1.1 (create ATARI font on PC), Laser Blaster (game), Monex v1.1 (game), Music From Zeus Intro, T2K decoder v.021 (convert programs from cassette tape to disk), Light Up! (game), Belljumper 1k (game), Fireball 1k (game)

MCM, an InOne company 5/06
650 Congress Park Dr
Centerville OH 45459-4000
Phone: 1-800-543-4330
Fax: 1-800-765-6960
Developer: 9 Pin Jack For Atari, AC Adaptor Atari 3.5mm 9V DC 500mA

The MESS Team 1/07
Developer: Multi Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. / MESS)– an emulator of a large number of systems, including the 8-bit Atari computers — downloads available for Windows, *nix, Mac OS, and DOS – Microprocessor USB Project1/06
Atari project: Marc Brings, Thomas Grasel, Harry Reminder, Guus Assmann,
Carsten Strotmann
Developer: Project USB Cartridge (USB Cartridge for Atari XL/XE with two USB Slots). software: AtariUSBCart (Hardware Cypress SL811, Hardware USBN9602), AtariXLJoypad (Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB Version 2.0), AtariXLJoystick (Competition Pro USB 1.0), AtariXLKeyboard 0.1 BETA, AtariXLMouse (Logitech USB Mouse), AtariXLWheel (Thrustmaster Nascar Pro Digital 2, Logitech Formula GP 1.0, Logitech Vibration Feedback Wheel), USB Device Driver Development Kit 1.2.0, USB Enduser Driver Disk USBTEST Version 0.6, USB HID Base Driver Version 2.0, USBDOS 0.1

Mirage Interactive6/05
See also: Rewindgames (Fred Meijer)
Poligonowa 3 lok. 310-311
04-051 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 870 1550, 870 6555
Developer: over 100 published titles, including: Alchemia, Around the Planet, Atomia, Axilox, Bang! Bank!, Bertyx, Battleships, Caveman, Crypts of Egypt, Cywilizacja, Dark Abyss, Duch, Dziedzictwo Gigantow, Eureka, Historia Polski, Jaffar, Janosik, Kapitan Kloss, Kolony, Magia, Midnight, Mozgprocesor, Operation Blood, Pong, Problem Jasia, Pyramid, Raszyn 1809, Robal, Rockman, Roderic, Rycerz, Sexversi, Special Forces – Operation Blood II, Starball, Tanks, Tawernia, Technus, Thinker, Top Secret, Wladca, Wyprawy Kupca, ZBIR

MMSoft (Marek Mikolajewski) 11/07
Developer: SIO2IDE 1.7, 3.3, 3.3a, 4.4, 4.4a (An interface that allows you to attach any IDE Disk Drive to your 8-bit Atari computer. Ver. 4 includes a USB port.), AVRprg

More Than Games / Rick’s Computer Activity Tools / Rix C.A.T. / 2/08
Detlefsen Enterprises (Rick L. Detlefsen)
8207 Briarwood Ln
Austin TX 78757-7642
„encoded“ email: mtgYYYY(insert year)“A T“ Vendor: Many Atari and third party hardware and software items-old/new/used, Supersketch Graphics tablet, AGDA Gamelink based gaming network adapters. Developer: Audio Video break out box and cables (comp, chroma, luminance, audio), 130XE 4 bit memory upgrade, SPIDER sio port expander, SPEEDIER:19.2K serial port, EASI/O cables to expand SIO, PEEKER:Sio port data monitor, 850 adapters, ATR8000 adapters, SIO Cable Tester. Many more in the works.
Publisher: Atari Game Systems V&D List

Motelsoft 11/07
Developer: Caveman II – Caves of Osum (also developed: Der Hexenmeister,
Labyrinth, Panzer, Smack-Jack

MS-Software (Mirko Sobe) 7/05
Developer: BOSS-XL V4.5, BOSS-XE V8.1, HTML-Viewer 3.1, BOSS-X v10.33

MyAtari 2/07
See: Matthew Bacon


Subject: N

Kostas Nakos 1/06
See also: Atari800 Development Team
Greece or
Developer: Pocket Atari 2.0.1

New Breed Software9/06
c/o Bill Kendrick
2210 Rock St Ap
t 33
Mountain View CA 94043-2644
Developer: games: Gem Drop, Sludge. utilities: Colorizer, File Selector,
MuxChat, SIFE – Super-IRG Font Editor

Nelson Nieves 8/06
Developer: SpartaDOS 3 and X utilities: DelTree, DualTest, FATR, FTD, Tree,
TS, TSplit, UnDelete, WipeDisk, xErase, xType

Mathy van Nisselroy 10/04
The Netherlands
Developer: CD Audio Player (CDAP) 1.47, CD/DVD Data Reader (DATA) 0.67


Subject: O

Odsiecz Sobieskiego — O.S. 3/07
0xF, Dracon, Epi, GRuBshy, Kasjo, McMaster, Wilson, Zina
See also: Piotr Fusik
See also: Epi
Developer: xunzip v2.1 (18 September 2006 — a ZIP, TAR, GZ and TGZ
(TAR.GZ) archives depacker)

Freddy Offenga11/05
The Netherlands
Developer: rominfo v1.0.1 04/12/2000 — show information about Atari 8-bit
rom dumps

Outland Quest Software6/06
Developer: Ally Attack, Black Sea Silver Fishing, Desert Crossfire, Dungeons of Oti, Empire, Golf Tees, Graphics 8 Painter, Hoss Racing, Korellian Conflict, Lite Show, Mad Libs, Motions Variable, Scattergories, Space Regent, Starbase Alpha, Standoff, Star Maze, Terror Fair, Three-D Force Tic-Tac-Toe, T.I.A.K. – Taking In Accurate Knowledge, Uncle Milton’s Million Dollar Mystery Mansion


Subject: P (Paul Rixon) 2/05
United Kingdom
Publisher: authorized digitized editions of Page 6 (1982-1989),
Page 6 Atari User (1989), New Atari User (1989-1998)

Eric Parent (Joyful Coder) 11/07
Developer: Memo Pad for Windows Release 6 (November 12, 2007) –
read ATASCII files

James R. Parish (J-Com Enterprises, Inc.) 1/04
1012 E Lake Dr
Tarpon Springs FL 34688-8100
Phone: 727-943-5737
Fax: 727-943-0749
Repair Shop. Most Atari 8-bits, especially 1050 and 800XL

Michal Pasiecznik / „Pasiu“ 1/08
Poland and
Developer: 576 kB – 1 MB RAM expansions (based on the Amiga 500 and Amiga 600 RAM expansion modules), 1 MB – 2 MB SIMM Expansion, ROM Changer, AutoStereo, XF551 LED Track Display, intSDX (an internal SpartaDOS X upgrade), ARC (Atari Real Clock – an alternative realtime clock), IDEa Interface (100% compatible with the KMK/JZ IDE interface), Simple 65c816 Processor Adapter, Warp4 (4 MHz 65c816 accelerator card), Warp4 MegaMEMboard (1 MB of linear RAM for Warp4), Project F7 (16 MHz 65c816 accelerator card). Software: CD Audio Player 0.9 for KMK/JZ IDE and IDEa Interface.

Pecus and Pirx 6/07
Developers: OMC65 crossassembler – Our 5oft MaCro assember for 6502
ver. 1.3 (Win32 executable); Scorched Earth for Atari XL/XE build 114,
Chip 8 & SuperChip 8 emulator v1.1

Tomasz Piorek / electron 7/07
See also: Taquart
Developer: VBXE – Video Board XE – project is a programmable, FPGA based graphics subsystem for Atari XE computers

Pixels Past (Joe Grand) 4/06
2907 Shelter Island Dr Ste 105-169
San Diego CA 92106-2797
Telephone: 619-222-4100
Facsimile: 619-222-1797
Developer: Atari 8-bit computer 8K/16K PCB (make cartridges for the Atari), Stelladaptor (Atari Controller-to-USB Interface, attach an Atari joystick/ paddle/etc to a modern computer)

Piotr ‚0xF‘ Fusik, Lukasz ‚X-Ray‘ Sychowicz
See also: Piotr Fusik
Developer: Drab (1K intro), Knit (256b intro), Mahna-Malysz (4K game)

Pokey Foundation 2/05
See: Stichting Pokey

PP’s (Ralf Patschke) 3/08
See also: STARSOFT Berlin
Developer: G2F pictures: bos2002, Brandenburger Tor Sylvester, htlogo, htlogo2005, joggingsheep, Lotus2_001, Lotus2_003, Lotus_003-1, Lotus2_004, Lotus2_006, Lotus2_006-1, Lotus2_007, Neujahr 2007, New Year, rasenspriesssheep, Schneemann, STARSOFT Logo, Venus Express, weihnachtsbaum. other: Boersenspiel Version vom 11.01.1992

Publicaciones Creativas S.A. (Ivan Antezana) 6/04
Van Dyck 188
San Luis
Lima 30
tel/FAX: (51)(1) 346-2649
Publisher: Atari Creativo #0, Informatica Creativa #0, #1, #2 (paper magazines, no longer published but back issues are available)

PVBest(Philippe Vuillerme) 1/05
France or
Developer: Atari software: Dropzone modification (score table saving), The Famous List Of Hight Score, File Designer (convert from cassette to disk or from boot program to Atari DOS binary file), Disk Wizard II modification (updating and improvement of the disassembly code), Boot Loader. PC software: Atari File Designer 1.70c (AFD – read/write XFD disk images from/to a real Atari disk drive via a 1050-2-PC serial cable), Atari Monitor 2.00 (for use with Atari800 emulators), Atari ROM File Designer 1.9.1 (ARFD – advanced version of AFD, create XFD/ATR images from real Atari disks via a 1050-to-PC


Subject: R

Werner Raetz 9/06
Postfach 16 40
D-75006 Bretten
Telefon: 07252/4827 oder 07252/3058
Telefax: 07252/85565
„encoded“ email: OOORaetz.SM…@OOOt-onlineOOO.OOOdeOOO Publisher: WASEO-Publisher, WASEO-Designer, WASEO-Triology, WASEO-Grafinoptikum, WASEO-Labouratorium, WASEO-Practoscope, WASEO
DISK-LINE disk magazine

Burkhard Rau (HCRBurk) 5/06
Developer: SUBMON 4.1D (Atari),
ATARI FileManagement (AFM) 1.7 0002 (WIN 95/98/NT/2000/XP)

Ready Magazin (Sascha Leidel) 2/07
Publisher: READY. Magazine. Atari part: 100%, only Atari.
2.60 euro per magazine. 6 magazines per year
Special lower prize for ABBUC members available.

READY Technologies (Thomas Smailus) 5/06
254 Nelson Dr Apt U
Baton Rouge LA 70808-5059
Fax: (225) 578-5263
Developer: design, layout, and manufacture of electonic analog and digital hardware systems; design, development, and production of software systems; software: Olympics, Word Processor for the Blind, Blip, Putzman, Saturn Lander, Menu Master, DOS 17; Data storage and media conversion; Engineering, Consulting

RETRO magazine 2/07
See: CSW-Verlag

Rewindgames (Fred Meijer) 4/06
See also: Mirage Interactive
See also: Sikor Soft
The Netherlands
Vendor: new and used hardware, new and used commercial software including all Sikor Soft titles (new in box), exclusive distribution of (new in box) ANG titles, and (new in box) Mirage titles. ANG/Mirage titles: Bang! Bank!, Basicdup, Eureka, Hack Picture Program II, Mines, Operation Blood, Operation Blood for the lightgun, Problem Jasia (Johny’s problem), Sh*t!!, Simple Minds, Tanks, T-34 the Battle, Thinker, Thinx, Tron, Whooops! 2, Zebuland Utility Disk

Thomas Richter 5/08
Germany Developer: Atari++ Emulator (800/XL/XE/5200 emulator for Unix/Linux/ Solaris/Irix) Stable Release 1.54, CVS Snapshot 1.54, atari++ 1.54 for win32

Markus Roemer / R.I.K. of Kaisersoft10/06
An der Roehr 6a
55606 Hochstetten-Dhaun
Publisher: Top Magazin 2006

Pawel Rosowski 4/05
Developer: IK+ C64 to Atari 8-bit Conversion Project (game)
version 0103 (March 2005)

RTS Software / BBK Enterprises (Bryan P. Schappel and Barry Kolbe) 7/05
USA or
Developer: Utilities: ANALOG Database, BCALC,
BCOPY (SuperCopy), BBK Artist, BBK C.P., BBK Monitor, Debug+, Disk Enchanter, Disk Master, Personal Spell Checker, T:EDIT. Atari 8-bit Games: Capital, Clash of Kings, ROBOX, Snow Plow, Snow Plow Editor


Subject: S

Satantronic (-XI-, Jookie, Nir Dary, Patarik) 8/05
Slovakia or
Developer: Msx: LL02 party version. Gfx: Beauty, FLY, IHL, Oko, Desire, Manga, Alien, Indigen, Atari girl. Intro and Demo: TE.MOD, Liquid, Dragons, zzZumRotator, Transparent ANULOID, 3D tunnel with texturemapping, TuTuBes party version, Matrix 1kB party version. Games: Jurassic Park II. XRAM 0.21.0 – eXtended RAM test, 1MB SIMM RAM expansion blueprint, MultiJoy 16/2 hardware interface

Darren Schebek 6/07
Canada or
Developer: Envision (character editor & screen editor), Solitaire Game,
Yahtzee Game

Serious Magazine 5/05
See: Dial Group

Sijmen Schouten (Mr.Atari) 10/04
The Netherlands
Developer: MyIDE–IDE interface project. 800 and XL/XE versions

Bo Schreurs9/06
The Netherlands Developer: DTR2ATR 5.05.00 (Image Creator), XDIRLIST (Image Disk Directory Lister), ATR2XFD (Convert ATR to XFD), XFD2ATR (Convert XFD to ATR), XDIR 10.05.00 (Disk Image Browser), POOLDISK TOO (PD/freeware/shareware CD- ROM)

Ernest R. Schreurs9/06
Kempenlandstraat 8
5211 VN Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Developer: DISKCOMM (.dcm file format specifications), DCM2ATR (Diskcomm archive to SIO2PC archive converter) 1.01, WAV2CAS (Digital Cassette Image system, including CAS2SIO) Ver. September 30th 2003, CAS2WAV (Create a clean .wav file from a Digital Cassette Image), POOLDISK TOO (PD/freeware/shareware CD-ROM)

Ken Siders 4/05
Developer: Emulators Utilities: ATR/DCM utilities (DOS), AtrUtil95 1.13 (Win32), FixRom (DOS). Utilities: DiskFormer, KEdit 1.51 Text Editor, Flash40 E: Handler, Flash80 E: Handler, Flick 80 E: Handler, Ultra Speed Boot Menu, AtariWriter+ Super Menus. Programming: KASM65 2.51 Assembler, KLINK65 1.51 Linker, KLINK65 0.07 Cross Linker (DOS), Ken’s Super Basic, Project ICE (Internet Connectivity for Eight-bit Ataris – TCP/IP and PPP). Games: Beef Drop, Burger Boy, Pac-Munch Jr, The Fish-Adventures of Mr. Fish, Circle of Richness

Sikor Soft (Pawel Sikorski) 1/05
See also: Rewindgames (Fred Meijer)
ul. 1-go Sierpnia 28 m 64
02-134 Warszawa
Developer: 5 x 5, 5 x 5 Editor, ABC, Centurion, Cyborg, Fire Stone, Ketchup, Liga Polska, Magic of Words, Max, Moscow 1993, Neuroid, Nexus, Orto Puzzle, Pilkarski Poker, Sexy Six, Sexy Six Data Disk #1, Sexy Six Data Disk #2, Sexy Six Data Disk #3, Teacher Killer, Tekblast

Mark l. Simonson 9/06
Developer: Atari Classic TrueType Fonts, v1.1

Sintech(Thomas Eberle)8/05
Gastackerstr. 23
D-70794 Filderstadt
Tel: +49 – 711 775033
Fax: +49 – 711 48969466
Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

Developer: makeATR v0.06 (software for MS-Windows)

Len Spencer8/06
Developer: HyperSpeed (high-speed R: handler for Multi I/O (MIO) and Black Box interfaces), FoReM-XE Professional BBS Version 5.4

Sascha Springer3/04
Developer: A8E (Atari 800 XL Emulator for Windows, „developed completely
from scratch“)

SquoQuo (Hopper, Bugger, Genetic Gemini, Scythoior, Yoda)4/06
Developer: Let’s Hop, Sh*t Alpin 2005, Ms.Bulimia

STARSOFT Berlin3/08
See also: PP’s
Developer: 1st START Berlin Demo, 2nd STARSOFT Berlin Demo, 3rd STARSOFT Berlin Demo. CCB-Club-Mag: 01/1992, 02/1992, 03/1992, 04/1991, 04/1992, 05/1991. ECS Info-Mag: 01/1991, 02/1991, 03/1991. Gamtro ABBUC-Magazin 73, GFX 0 Scrolls, Multiple GFX 12 Scrollers, New Years Disc 2007, New Years Disc 2008, STARSOFT Berlin TurboBasic Demo, STARSOFT Magazine: 01/1992, 02/1992, 02/1993, 03/1992. TIF2PIC beta, TOP-Magazin Intro

Radek Sterba (Raster/C.P.U.) 5/07
Czech Republic or
Developer: MultiJoy8 (connect 8 joysticks to one Atari), MultiJoy16 (connect 16 joysticks to one Atari), ATADIM v2.05 Beta (Win9x- work with Atari disk images XFD/ATR), DRATEX 1.2 (Win9x- Drop file Atari Czech text convertor), LPTJOY/ATAJOY Driver (connect an Atari joystick to a PC), MAT2MTX (DOS- Mac65 to Text). Games: Cervi (Worms- Tron lightcycles game for MultiJoy8), Multris (Tetris-like game for MultiJoy4), Zahada, Volleyball, Predator, Posthelper, Videopoly, Dangerous Street, Magnetit, Naturix, Quadrotron-M4 (Quadro-Tron patched for MultiJoy). utilities: MPE (MIDI Pattern Editor) v2.3, HiLoader-4.2 T2000, ComprCopy4Hi, TurboToDisk3, RSTos3.1, RSTos3.7, FROMT, DIRCOPY4, SA_POKEY (Standalone dynamic DLL library for emulation of Atari Pokey sound chip), SA_C6502 (Standalone dynamic DLL library for emulation of Atari 6502 processor), Raster Music Tracker (RMT) v1.25 – cross-plaftorm XL/XE music maker for PC, RMT Player v1.06 (plays *.RMT (Raster Music Tracker) song files on Atari XE/XL computers), Creaxin1 „Create X in 1“ (for use with S/XEGS RAMcart 128KB by C.P.U.) v1.03. games co-developed with Roberta Knilla/FUCO/Funny Computer: Android, Cityhawk, Imagine, Gunhead. demos: YamahaDemo, Illusion 3, 80 rectangles, Motor, Flame999, SelfDemo

SteveR’s Classic Cartridges (Steve Reed) 8/05
Vendor: used hardware and software

Stichting Pokey (The Pokey Foundation) 4/05
The Netherlands or
Publisher: authorized online editions of: Pokey’s Magazine (Dutch),
The Best of Pokey’s Magazine (English), Mega Magazine („MegaZine“)(English)

Carsten Strotmann 8/03
See also: Project USB Cartridge
Developer: Kaiser II (game), Multi Zoom Master (gr15 picture editor), 3SDOS –