64JPX – JoyPad Expander

for Atari and Commodore Systems 64JPX is a small interface designed to rejuvenise the way with which you play your favourite games on the Commodore or Atari system.

Whilst joysticks were all the range in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the 1990’s saw a move towards joypad style controllers with more buttons and ergonomic feel. 64JPY not only allows you to safely connect Sega Genesis/MegaDrive 3 and 6 button controllers to your retro system, it enhances game play with a number of on-the-fly selectable play modes.

64JPX will give your favourite old games a new lease of life, and may actually make you play better!

Note: an SNES version of 64JPX is also under development.


* Simple to use plug-in smart interface
* Safely connect Sega MegaDrive/Genesis 3 and 6 button joypad, and other controllers
* Enhances game play with a number of on-the-fly selectable gaming enhancement modes
* Works out-of-the-box with Commodore, Atari and other compatible systems 


* Provides diode protection to Commodore and Atari systems
* Provides signal conversion from Sega joypads
* (via adaptors) Provides connection to other controllers such as PC Wheels, flight yokes, 8-button joypads, and more… 


* default: A=fire, B=rapid fire1, C=rapid fire2
* racing: A=fire, B=up, C=down
* waddle: A=fire, B=waddle1, C=waddle2
* creep: A=fire, B=creep left, C=creep right 

Additional information can be found in the preliminary user manual which can be downloaded here (PDF format).

64JPX is in its final stages of development. You are invited to provide some last minute feedback and suggestions into the design and features of this device.