The Future of Pooldisk Tree

… from Ernest Schreurs People are asking us when the next generation of Pooldisks will be released.
We are currently thinking of a DVD (or more than 1) version of the Pooldisk. Nowadays most Atarians have a pc, supporting DVD or an Atari 8-bit with DVD support, so it shouldn’t be difficult to read such a disk. I will probably start this project starting in 2007.

If you want to participate in this project, please do! You can send us a copy of your own Atari 8 bit software (only legal stuff please, i.e. Public Domain, Shareware or own product) to the email address mentioned on this web-site. Make sure to credit yourself in the source code if you do. Expect the release of this product at the end of 2007 or 2008-