Rebirth of Commodore ?

A PC is available under the Commodore label

At the german Distributor „Alternate computer“ is a PC with Intel Core2 Quad under the Name „Commodore Gaming Launch PC“ available with a big C= Commodore sign. Of course have the name Commodore nothing to do with the Manufacturer of the 80s. Like Atari is this a rebirth of a great name.

In late 2004 Tulip sold the Commodore name to Yeahronimo Media Ventures for 22 million USD. In oct. 2005 Yeahronimo Media Ventures changed his name to Commodore Gaming. At the CeBIT 2007 show in Germany, four new gaming geared PC’s were introduced.

But all models are extremely expensive. For 1320 Euro (1950 USD) you get only a little bit mor than a PC with standard components. (And without keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.) Vista Home Premium, DVD-DL-burn, 2 GB RAM, 500GB HD and NVidia VGA and Mainboard. The PC have no compatibility to C64 or Amiga.