SIO2USB Announcement

The SIO2USB-Interface will be available (as announced at JHV Meeting 2006) for order (subscription only at this point of time) starting at the annual ABBUC Main-Meeting on 27th October 2007. From now the ABBUC-RAF regionalgroup ( accept (non-binding) subscription. The goal of the subscription is to lower the hardware costs for the first production batch by having a higher production item count.

Please take a look at the product specification send an E-mail to „sio2usb-reservation(at)“ or use the Web-form the website of the ABBUC-RAF at to subscribe for your SIO2USB.

Function Specification

  • Can boot an ATARI 8-bit Computer without physical Floppy Drive
  • Emulation of up to 3 (virtual) Disk drives simultaneously
  • Simple device, attached to SIO-Port, no modification of computer necessary
  • Mixed operation of real Floppy and SIO2USB possible
  • Fully compatible with all ATARI DOS and OS and all ATARI compatible extensions
  • Storage of ATARI-Imagefiles on standard USB FLASH Drives
  • Configuration of the device by built-in keys and LC-Display or configuration program on the ATARI
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Power supply for the device and USB FLASH Drive from SIO-Bus
  • Updated SIO2USB Firmware can be applied from within the ATARI (no additional device or computer required)
  • Updates available via Internet (USB FLASH Drive) or direct from the ATARI (real Disk Drive)

Please visit for more details: