Updated MyIDE Image Manager + Config

Shawn Jefferson posted the updated versions of these two programs on his website. This message comes from newsserver news:comp.sys.atar.8bit


The MyIDE Image Manager has had some significant changes, at least under the hood. I’ve moved the image table to the last image slot of the hard drive and taken the descriptions out of the image table so that I only use the Mr. Atari descriptions. This makes the image table smaller, but it does increase the time taken to search or scroll a screen at a time through the image list. Since there is more disk seeking going on, I sped up the screen scrolling considerably in this version.

I’m still undecided whether or not only using the Mr.Atari Image Manager descriptions was a good idea or not. I dislike the speed hit searching and sorting takes, but I suppose it makes things easier overall.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Here’s the complete list of what’s new:

version 4.0 (02/20/2007):

– moved image table to last image slot on drive (not compatible with myideman 3.3)
– created utility to convert image table from version 3.3 to version 4.0
– removed descriptions from image table, uses only Mr.Atari description
– removed ability to number disks by pressing 1-9 (useless feature)
– faster screen scrolling!
– cosmetic changes in utility menu, removed Sync START description option
– fixed sort function to ignore case
– can minimize screen while sorting, to help speed up sort
– better progress indication in sort screen

PS. I will be releasing the source code soon, on the website, but just want to clean it up a little first and add some comments here and there.

Shawn Jefferson
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