Version 3.4.2 Released! News:
09-27-2006 Version 3.4.2 Released.

09-18-2006 Version 3.4.0 Released.

06-26-2006 Version 3.3.0 Released.

New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 3.4.2:
Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where Mouse pointer was stuck in Emulator window when returning from Full Screen mode to Windowed mode.
  • Fixed issue with Screenshot capture on Intel Macs. (TIFF File was being stored in little endian format)

New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 3.4.0):
Features Added/Changed:

  • Added pulldowns to the Media Status Window which allow the user to control machine type, screen scaling, screen width, and artifacting from there in addition to using the menus or keyboard.
  • Added the ability for the emulator to remember what media was present (disks, cassette, and/or cartridge) when it quit, and restore them the next time it starts up. This is added as a checkbox to the Boot Media panel of the Preferences.
  • Add the ability to enable/disable keyboard joystick emulation with the Cmd-J keypress (also in the Control menu), so that you can switch between the joysticks and normal keypresses easily.
  • Added ability to control emulation speed from 10-300%, as opposed to either 100% or Full Speed. There is now a slider on the Atari panel of the Preferences.
  • Added the Break key to the Function Key window, for those with International laptop keyboards which might not have had the other keys.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where Mouse Emulation modes were not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with International and Dvorak keyboards where Command key combinations were not being released properly, and keys were missed, or keyboard joysticks did not work correctly.