Softwarewettbewerb für Advan BASIC

Anmeldeschluß 9. September Competition begins today. Will end 12:00am Saturday September 9th CST. All entries submitted must:

1.) Written in Advan Basic using any utilities included. Source must be included and in the PD.
2.) Must run on any stock machine. Atari 400-130xe. Advan allows 4 drives max.
3.) It can be any kind of software (Game, Utility, Productivity, Educational, etc)
4.) Any number of people can work on it.

Judging will be done by William Graziano, Rory McMahon and 3 others to be determined on a 10 point grading scale.
Originality: How original?
Design: How modular is code? Can it be easily modified?
Graphics: How well is it laid out?
Working: Does it function properly?

Advan Basic & Utilities