Advan BASIC released to public domain

Message from comp.sys.atari.8bit Hi All!

William Graziano and I wish to announce the release of Advan BASIC
compiler suite to public domain as of July 1st, 2006.  He has removed
the copy protection from the disks which are now available in ATR
format (for diskettes and emulation). The do*****entation is available in
text, ms word, and pdf.

Files are available from me via email, or off the webpage AFTER July 1st. I’d prefer to email
it, as the web page is on my home computer.

There will be Advan BASIC competition for the best software written
with Advan BASIC. If anyone would like to donate prizes please contact
me. We need 1st-3rd prizes and 2 runners up.

Rules are simple:

Contest from July 1st to Sep 1st (1wk extension if necessary)
Written in Advan Basic using any utilities included. Source must be
included and in the PD.
Must run on any stock machine. Atari 400-130xe. Advan allows 4 drives
It can be any kind of software (Game, Utility, Productivity,
Educational, etc)
Any number of people can work on it.
?? — To be added if needed.

Submisisions will be judged by 5 judges (William (the author),
Rory(me), and 3 others to be determined) on a rating of 1 to 10 for the

Originality: How original (this means no font editors – We have waaaay
to many of those)
Design: How modular is code? Can it be easily modified?
Graphics: How well is it laid out?
Working: Does it function properly?
?? — To be added if needed.

Please email me with submission ideas for your submission ASAP. I will
post them so we dont have duplicate submissions and we have a wide
range of choices.

If I have left out the obvious, let me know.


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