Neue Version des Atari++ Emulators

Für Linux und Win32 update time! A new stable release of the Atari++ emulator for Linux and
Win32 has been released. As usual, you’ll find it here:

What’s new this time:

Many thanks goes to Mark Keates for providing a really detailed
emulation of the AMD flash ROM chips, and thus for making Steve
Trucker’s Flash Carts now really flash-able. The emulator is able
to save these carts back to disk as required.

Furthermore, creation of disk images has been simplified a bit. To
create an empty disk, just type in a non-existing file name, then format
this virtual floppy from the DOS of your choice (or the built-in one).

A couple of improvements have been made for the built-in FMS and Os.
For the former, Dos 2.5 directores can now be read fine, and the memory
requirements have been dropped considerably (MORE room for programs).
For the latter, text windows on Gr.9/10/11 have been improved and no
longer flicker during SIO operations.

A couple of other minor problems have been hopefully fixed, more`s in