Discussion about a new connection standard to replace/enhance SIO-Port

Join the discussion we speak english and german The problem: SIO-cable and SIO-connectors are no more available or only some items for too much money are available.

In the past (and future) there are many new hardware available that needs SIO-connection:

  • Midi-Interface
  • 1050-PC
  • SIO2PC
  • Networkinterface (Bewesoft)
  • ….

We try to establish worldwide a new SIO replacement/enhancement. At the first step it is a simple box:

  • at the one end with a SIO-cable
  • at the other end with a SIO-connector like standard SIO-connector
  • the enhancement is: additional DSub15 connectors with a 1:1 connection to SIO

New hardware needs never more SIO-cables but only the Standard DSub-connector/cable
+ With more than one DSub15 connectors the box is also like an multiplexer
+ Daisy-chainig will be minimized
+ Original Hardware can be connectet like before
+ No internal wireing needed. Simple plug and play

At the first step the enhancement is without any electronic enhancements (speeder or so)

Come on and discuss with us at ABBUC forum. We speak english and german. We think with about 400 members worldwide it should be possible to establish a new SIO-connection.


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