Atari++ version 1.42 released

Atari emulator for Linux and Windows.

Atari++ 1.42
– Fixed race condition when switching the resolution, could
cause crashes.
– Fixed Antic CHARBASE switches, did not keep care of
horizontal scrolling correctly.
– Fixed leaking key presses from the GUI to the core.
– Fixed PIA Port A handling, Port A input is non-buffered.
– Fixed Monitor backspace key on some broken ncurses
– Added „graphical“ single-step trace command for the monitor.
– History of the monitor is now a tad smarter and buffers un-
finished lines.
– Fixed „dummy writes“ for INC and DEC commands.
– Fixed player horizontal split, did erraneously remove the
old player.
– Fixed timing of the pokey timers, should be more precise
– Fixed XIO for serial baud generator, argument zero leaves
baud rate alone.
– Fixed serial input counter for concurrent mode
– Fixed state parser, is now less sensitive to CF/LF vs. LF