New version of APE available v2.3.2

APE has many new features and a new GUI. APE (atari peripheral emulator) is a great hardware with software for emulating Atari hardware on PC.

– New cassette playback dialogs with support for rewind/ff/pause
-1020 plotter support with ‚virtual plotter‘ display
– XF551 high-speed I/O support on both APE Windows 98/ME and 2000/XP
– More updated device timings.
– New multi-threaded core, better compatibility with HyperThreading and SMP CPU setups on XP.
– DOS-XE compatibility switch added in configuration.
– Completely new R: simulation with new R: UI monitor, modem ‚LED‘ status display, full AT command mode added in server mode. (Type ATI in server mode for list of supported commands)
– Fix for potential bugcheck on XP.
– Ability to write many .PRO images back to real disks using Happy Backup 7.1 software and APE simulated drives. (XP Only currently, requires specific beta testing instructions)
– New ATASCII style UI displays, transfer monitors for ProSystem
– Indus GT support for writing in ProSystem

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