Software contest 2003/2004

01-Aug-2004 23:59 (MEZ) is the last day…

Sorin has put his office down for the software department and the competition.

Since beginning of June, I am now the new conversation-partner for the software-competition 2003/2004. The previous mail-adress remains exists.

Some of you have already sent in the contribution. Others have only registered without sending an contribution. Until 01-Aug-2004 23:59 (MEZ) the participating contribution must be available for me. Everyone can make updates until then. The last sent version takes part at the "software contest 2003/2004".

A hint for the profit-case: A valid bank-connection must be available including SWIFT-number! It is only possible to pay to one(!) bank-account. (some contributions are programed by many users)

Any questions?

Visit the ABBUC website for details:

…additional questions?


Ok. That’s all from my side.

Good luck!



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