Spiele Tips und Tricks

Eine Sammlung von Spiele Tips und Tricks von Andreas Magenheimer

Tips & Tricks:

Caverns of Mars: Shift + Ctrl. + Tab = Level überspringen;

Super Breakout: Shift + Ctrl. + I (oder 1) für eine Nachricht;

Donkey Kong Jr.: beide Shift-Tasten drücken und BOOGA eingeben, dann Shift loslassen und 9- drücken für 9. Level;

Galaxians: 1x Select drücken => Game Over erscheint, man kann nun aber weiterspielen oder ein neues Game beginnen und hat unendlich viele Leben;

Beer Belly Burt’s Brew Biz!: Press OPTION to skip to next screen, press ESC to adjust screen colors.

Kazoo: If you’re about to get killed, press the space bar to pause the game. the monster will pass right through you and you can continue by pressing the space bar again.

Ghostbusters: use „GOO“ as name, 11111111 as account number.

Dimension X Original: Press CONTROL-F while loading for a Fort

Apocalypse demo, press CONTROL-S to play Slime.

Pitfall: Press OPTION to start game instead of START or the button, you now have unlimited lives!

Crystal Castles: On each level of the game (not necessarily each maze) there is a „window“ where you can skip ahead two levels. On the 1st board it’s on the left hand side. Press the button and warp ahead two levels!

Spelunker: search disk for the bytes: $A6 $CB $30 $2D and change them to: $A2 $07 $86 $CB to get unlimited men.

Ghost Chaser: Type „FRANK“ to replenish your supply of men. Type „FANDA“ to skip half the game.

Ollie’s Follies: To skip to:

  • screen 5 type FANDA
  • screen 10 FRANK
  • screen 15 NORBI
  • screen 20 ZOOOM

Pharaoh’s Curse: password is SYNISTOPS

Miner 2049’er: Type Big Five’s phone number while playing then SHIFT-number of screen to go to.