ATARI Joystick mit 10 Spielen

Original Joystick von ATARI zum Anschluß an das Fernsehgerät. Als Einzelbestellung aber ein teurer Spaß………….. Hier ein Auszug aus einer US WEBSite:
Travel back in time to the late 70’s and early 80’s with ATARI classics. 10 OF YOUR FAVORITES ARE INCLUDED.

The Atari 10-In-1 Portable Gaming System, is a plug and play 8-bit gaming system that contains 10 classic and beloved Atari videogames in one Atari 2600 authentic joystick replica. Ten great games in one small controller. This unique item is guaranteed to bring nostalgia back to video gamers.

10 classic Atari games FROM the first name in video games, in a single joystick controller! The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller, allows gamers to play video games anywhere there is a TV with COMPOSITE (A/V) input jacks. The original Atari retro graphics and sounds, first introduced decades ago, are a perfect match for the platform, and the combination of 10 vintage videogames With all of the hardware built right INTO the joystick controller, this a portable, affordable and perfect take-anywhere gadget. The Atari 10-In-1 Portable Gaming System makes a great gift for the kids, as well as adults who loved Atari video games when they were children.

The Atari 10-In-1 Portable Gaming System features 10 official and fully-licensed Atari games:

Asteroids® Adventure™ Missile Command® Centipede® Gravitar® Yar’s Revenge® Breakout® Pong® Circus Atari™ Real Sports Volleyball™

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