ABBUC Newsletter vom 21.04.2002

Copy Party 2002 in Polen

Hallo ATARIAner und ABBUCianer..

wieder eine News. Heute geht es um eine Party in Polen, die demnaechst steigt.
Der Einladungstext ist in Englisch, aber ich denke jeder wird ihn verstehen.
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Betreff: Atari Copy Party in Poland!


Below You find Official Invitation for real Atari Copy Party. Please
this info to all Your Frends! If you are not certain to come, ask
how him oneself pleased year ago!
I have hope, that will write he a couple of words on theme of rally on
comp.sys.atari 🙂

Photos FROM People’s Summer 2001 ->
Photos FROM Last Party 2001 ->

If you want to be informed about all novelties, send empty e-mail under


Vasco/Tristesse – organizer!

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Lato Ludzikow (People’s Summer) 4 – ATARI XL/XE, ST, Falcon Copy Party
August, the 2nd-4th, 2oo2 – Taklamakan, Opalenica, Poland
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What everyone guest has to know…

It’s fourth edition of this party, and (both with winter ‚Last Party‘)
it is
ninth party in this place allready! Sincethe famous QuaST party has
parties in Opalenica (‚Last Party‘ on December & ‚LL‘ at summer) became
most important Polish Atari fans party. It’s dedicated to all Atari
ST, ST(e), TT, Falcon, and of course XL/XE.
I must notice, that it is NOT a commercial party. No one will get a
of making a party. A money, you will pay for enter, is only for renting
place and for praizes.

Yes, but what is the cost of it?

We live in a kapitalistic country, and no one will give as a place for
That’s why we have to pay 40 zl (it’s about 20 DM, I think, that is not
for people FROM western Europe). We know, that (for a difference) a trip
will be very expensive for people FROM ex-communist countries,
why, if you are from: Czech, Slovakia, or ex-USSR (like Latvia, for
example), you may enter FOR FREE!!! You can bring a good beer for
if you want. Of course (because we are not feminists) women always enter
free! So You can take your girl/wife with You with a not much cost.


Party will be at the first weekend of August (just like the QuaST
party). It
means FROM the 2rd (Friday) to the 4th (Sunday). Official opening will
be on
Friday, but You can arrive on Thursday’s afternoon – party place
be open, and some people will be there allready, I think. Official
is on Sunday about noon, but You can stay on party place to the late

Where I have to go?

As it was said, this party takes place in Poland (Poland is in Europe,
betweem Russia and Germany, if you are not good in Geography ;-). A
city – Opalenica is at west FROM Poznan city (Posen), near west border
our country. All trains (without Express, IC, EC) FROM Frankfurt/Oder
(Germany) to Posen are going through Opalenica (just look for yellow
Party place is (as always) in City Culture Hause, called ‚Taklamakan‘.
to get there FROM the station? It’s about 800 meters long walk. You
go along by ‚Dworcowa‘ street. At it’s end (where is railway crossing at
left), turn right to the ‚5-go>Stycznia‘ street. At next crossroads turn
‚Powstanca Kozaka“ st. Walk ahead 100 meters and turn right to ‚Farna‘
At it’s enf you will see city-hall. Then turn right, and left to
‚Mickiewicza‘ st. About 50 meters later You will see so long awaited
‚Taklamakan‘. Hurra!
If You think, that’s a bit complicated, I have a good information.
always someone will wait for You at railway station!

What should I expect at this Takla…?
* A big show-hall where You can put your hardware (or see others‘
This hall has a big scene for Atari Scene ;-).
* A separate sleeping-room.
* A pizzery in the same building.
* A shower (wow, great!).
* And (the most important!) a lot of famous Atarians! And great Atari

You can also expect competitions (music, graphic, intro & demo).
your own production to participate in competitions!

You should not expect a comfortable beds, so take your own sleeping-bag!

may take your hardware (don’t forget about monitor, cables, etc).
Probably we will also make a camp-fire one night (yes! in the city!) to
roast some sausage and talk to the morning.

Competition rules (XL/XE)

Some general notes:
– There’s have to be not less that 3 works to make the competition.
– In the case of very many productions organizers will do a selection.
– A compo-work has to be described in DOC file (a kind of competition,
of work, author(s), adress).
– Author don’t have to be on party (it means, that You can bring your
friend’s production if he can’t arrive), but in this case author will
get the prize (if he win of course!).
– All competiton works are freeware!
– All participans will be in Jury.

Music compo:

– Plaing time is 3 minutes max. Longer tracks will be turned off.
– It must be your original composition (it means: no ‚convertions‘, no
– You can use someone elses‘ samples or synthwaves, but You should
this in DOC file.
– Track must not be a *.COM file!
– Allowed formats (composers):
– Chaos Music Composer (CMC),
– Music ProTracker (MPT, MD1, MD2 + SMP),
– Theta Music Composer (TMC).
– All tracks will be played with MacGyver’s Mega Player 1.6 or 2.1.
– Music will be played in stereo!
– Music can be in other format, if you bring a player & composer, and
organizer will agree! (Using extra memory for music compo is not

MOD compo:

– Only *.MOD format (known FROM Amiga 500).
– Max module length 170 KB.
– One sample may be 32 KB, rest only 16 KB.
– Tracks will be replayed with Inertia Player 4.1/4.12/4.5.
– Tracks will be replayed with 4-channels 8-bits music card (freq. 11.5

Graphics compo

– Allowed formats: MIC, PIC, GR8, GR9, CPR, INP, INT, XLP, CIN, HIP.
– Another formats may be allowed if the painting program is available
every one (for example PGR) – but organizer has to agree.
– Converting FROM other computers and scannings are not allowed. Picture
must be done on Atari!
– Redrawing someone else’s pictures is not allowed! It must your

Intro 256 B compo

– Maximum length of code is 256 bytes, but one dos header and one
vector will be not included in counting.
– Intro must not use extra ram (it must run on 64 KB mashines).
– Intro must run FROM DOS (MemLo not higher than $2000), but it doesn’t
to back to DOS.
– Sound (if someone can put a music into) will be in stereo.

Intro 16 KB compo

– Maximum lenght of file is 16 KB.
– Intro must run on 64 KB mashines.
– Intro must run FROM DOS (MemLo not higher than $2000), but it doesn’t
to back to DOS.
– Sound will be in stereo.

Demo compo

– There is no LIMIT of maximum lenght.
– Demo must run with DOS (MemLo not higher than $2000), but it doesn’t
to back to DOS.
– All callings to disk must be with ‚D:‘ device only (not ‚D1:‘ !!!) –
because it must run FROM subdirectory and/or HDD.
– If demo has some effects during loading, it must not use R
AM under FPP
area – it’s because it must run FROM HDD.
– Demo can use 320 KB of memory on PortB (+256 KB). It cannot use
separatelly acces for Antic/CPU (like 130XE or Compy Shop). It means
Antic & CPU must use ramdisk together (another explanation: an acces
Antic – extra ram & CPU – base ram is not allowed) That’s because demo
run on every kind of RAM upgrade.
– Another RAM upgrades are not allowed to use on competition.
– There must be an option to change used memory banks! It should be a
of setup with all possible 64 banks to select!!!
– Sound will be in stereo.

Ending words

I’m waiting for You! Come to keep Atari scene alive!

If you want to ask me something, here’s my adress:

Rafal Dziamski
ul. Staszica 33
64-330 Opalenica


Translated to English by Jurgi II/Trs

Compo rules (c;): Vasco/Tristesse
modyfication: Jurgi II/Tristesse

War etwas laenger heute, aber dafuer koennt ihr euch auchnicht beschweren!

bis dann …