ABBUC Newsletter vom 21.12.2001

history of computer demoscene

Hi Atarianer ….

seit laengerer Zeit wieder eine News.

Aber zuerst moechte ich euch ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen umso besseren Rutsch ins Euro-Jahr 2002 wuenschen.

Hier nun die News:


subject: Freax

realname: Tamas Polgar

Nachricht: Hi!

I’d just like to send you news about a project I am running. I am
writing a book about the history of computer demoscene, titled ‚Freax‘.
This will also include some pages about 8-bit Atari computers and demos.
Well, actually not much, as this demoscene is quite small compared to
the PC or the Amiga scene. But you might still find both the book and
its website interesting:

Best regards & merry Xmas

Tamas Polgar