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ATM Exclusive

Hi AbBUCianer …

eine News jagt die naechste 🙂

Hier habe ich eine weiter geleitete News von Torsten Schall, die aber leider in Endlisch verfasst ist:

Betreff: [Fwd: [atari] Infogrames to become Atari?]

Von: „Bruce Clarke“ <>
Datum: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 17:55:51 -0000
Betreff: [atari] Infogrames to become Atari?

AtariNews has been unable to verify this rumor yet, but it is quite
intriguing nonetheless.

ATM Exclusive:

Date: 7th June 2001

It has come to our attention, that a decision has been made at
Infogrames to change its name to Atari. This news has been confirmed by very
reliable sources, and will come INTO affect before the end of the
summer, or even sooner. Sources indicate that the decision was made due to
the lack of awareness in some global territories of the existing
Infogrames brand, and that the head of Infogrames, Bruno Bonnell (Chairman &
CEO) was very aware that the Atari brand would be a stronger and more
recognisable asset for the company.

At this time, we do not have any other information as to the future
direction of the company under the Atari brand, but it seems that all
software published under the existing Infogrames brand will change
worldwide to Atari.

Of course, if any of this information changes, we will UPDATE this
page immediately. ATM and AHS only provide this information based on
extremely reliable sources, and cannot be responsible for any errors or
omissions at this time.

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