ABBUC Newsletter vom 18.12.2000

Netzwerkanschluß für Atari 8-bit

Hallo Atarianer ..,

Jetzt haben wir gleich Weihnachten und da gibt es als Geschenk eine News aus den Niederlanden von Erhard Puetz weitergereicht.

Mathy van Nisselroy wrote:

> Howdy rene, folks

> > For those freax outthere who dream about hooking up there 8-bit computer to
> > a normal Ethernet 10Mbps network look at this site.
> >
> >
> >
> > I think the controller could be easier on Atari. Just connect the Ethernet
> > controller chip to the PBI and you can join every computer on your corporate
> > network…

> Looks nice. But on the Atari all we need is the software. Roland
> Scholz ( has developed a device called the
> PC-Bridge. It is a PBI device (that will even share the bus, unlike
> the BlackBox and MIO) that will enable you to connect standard PC
> cards to the 8 bit Atari. Roland has tested RS232 interfaces (very
> fast), Hercules cards and maybe even Ethernetcards. Ethernet cards
> can be had for pocket money at the recycling center.

> CU Mathy van Nisselroy

> PS the hardware for the PC Bridge is ready, the software is ready but
> being perfected IIRC.

So, das war die News fuer heute. Wir werden uns vor Weichnachten sicher ncoh einmal lesen 🙂
bis dann …
gtx. Raimund