ABBUC Newsletter vom 20.07.2000


Hi Leute …

Neue News von der UNCONVENTIONAL !!! <(in >Englisch)

bitte alls Abbuc new weiterleiten

Unconventional newsmail #2

Hi everybody,

In about 6 weeks the unconventional will take place. So far I´m really looking
forward to the event. Especially the feedback in the 8 Bit sector make me
We hope that most of the people who showed thair interest will come to the
party, and hope that the event will be a lot of fun to everybody. 

Last week, Bastian Moritz the editor of the classic ATARI fanzine, and
co-organiser of the unconventional, had a call with Axro, the distributor of
the Milan II. They spoke about the possibility that Axro could present thair
computer at the party. A lot of people are interested in the Milan and Axro is
interested in a lot of developers. Axro liked the idear and promised to think
about such a presentation or another way to SHOW thair presence. We will see
what happens, and hope that they find the way to Lengenfeld.

Erhard Puetz, better known as the Floppy Doc is also interested to come.
Because a lot of people FROM the ST szene who bought an 8 Bit Computer in the
last time is searching for a Ram extention or a Speddy drive (important to
read Double Density), these people could buy or ORDER such an hardware at the
party, if Erhard come, if he don´t find time, we hope that we have at least
one copy of each, to demonstrate, so that you could ORDER these hardware.

Last week I send an email to M.u.C.S. to ask him if he want to sponser the
Unconventional. The next day I had an positiv reply, and two days later I got
an package with prices for the competitons. A superb service I think. A great
thank you to Sacha Roth.

Another thank you to Rodolphe Czuba. He mailed an announcement of the
unconvention via his mailing list. It is so easy to help other people who
organise an event, why aren´t more atari people like Rodolphe? 
Btw: I want to buy a CT60 of course.

The Partyplace:
At the Schreiersgruen Fair I had the possibility to have a look at the party
place. It looks like we have space for about 50 people. The whole building
seems to be a cool convention hall The bottom where the Toilets and the
sleeping room is, is pretty new. The two rooms where the convention take place
looks a little bit old, but that is a cool athmosphere. The kitchen is big and
seems to include all nessecary stuff we need.

The Competitions:
Because a lot of people asked, here a summary of the rules:

1.) You could release what ever you want
2.) Mod files could be created on any system you like. There must be a player on the Falcon who plays the mod files.
3.) The graphics could be painted on any system you like. They have to be read by a Falcon programm.
4.) You could also release something if you aren´t on the party. In that case you need somebody who attend the party and
give up the release for you. If you win a price, these person also gets
the price. 

R.I.K. of Kaisersoft ( Markus Roemer ) will sponsor the Millipede Open. He spend 100,-DM for the event, so the first place get 50,-DM,
the second place 25,-DM ,the third place 15,-DM and the fourth place get 10,-DM. Many thanks to Markus.

M.u.C.S. the well known german dealer sponsered 2 times Draconis professional
(together a value of more than 320 DM). Many thanks to M.u.C.S. (Sacha Roth).

Please reply to that mail that I know that you get it ( I had problems with
the first newsmail ). Please let me know when you decided to stay away from
the convention, it would make it easier for me to plan. Of course I would be
happy to hear something that motivate me, like a announce of a super Demo etc.

best regards

The organisers
Mad Butscher / Foundation Two
moST / classic ATARI
Helmut Weidner / V.A.C. 

ok. das war´s.