ABBUC Newsletter vom 21.06.2000

ST to XL/XE Upgrade

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hier eine info fuer die ABBUC news (als attachment). Es geht um ein ST
to XL/XE Upgrade (sprich ST Floppies sollen fuer den XL/XE nutzbar
gemacht werden). bitte als newsletter verschicken…
gruss – andreas
Betreff: Need feedback on new project
Datum: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 00:39:26 -0400
Von: Atari History Webmaster <>
Firma: The Atari Historical Society (
Foren: comp.sys.atari.8bit


I just finished a classic gaming „Retro Reproduction“ for the Atari 7800
called the 7800 High Score Cartridge. Now I’m looking to do another
hardware project. What I am considering is an interface to allow all Atari
8bit computer users the ability to use Atari ST SF314 & SF354 disk drives on
their Atari 400/800, XL/XE computer systems.

The XE2ST interface will be inside of the old Atari SX212/XEP80 interface
case and will allow an Atari 8-bit to plug an SIO cable INTO the back of the
unit and allow an Atari SF3x4 disk drive to plug INTO the back of the unit
as any drive FROM 1-4. Now Atari 8-bit users can use 3.5″ high density
diskettes and more importantly use Atari made disk drives which are abundant
and cheap. I’ve always thought that Atari itself should have designed
this very product and sold it as it would have helped bridge the gap between
XE and ST users by allowing the use of peripherals by both computer

I’m willing to do a run 100 units if there is enough interest. I’d like
to keep the price down to somewhere around $30-$35 or so. The idea is a
simple interface, no bells and whistles, no suggestions on ZIP disks, hard
drives and so forth, just a simple interface to allow the use of stock Atari
SF314/354 disk drives. The only option I may consider is building an
SIO2PC interface INTO the unit.

Please send me some feedback and if enough people are interested and its
a favorable response, I’ll start work on this and have it done in about 2


…jau, das war ´se.

bis dann…
gtx. Raimund