ABBUC Newsletter vom 24.06.1999

Micro Discount Catalogue

Hallo zu den zweiten ABBUC-News unter meiner Regie.

Folgende Nachricht erreichte mich gestern.
Es ist sozusagen ein Hilferuf.

Vieleicht kan ja einer helfen.

Hier die Originalmail:

From: ignacio montoya medina <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:26:07 +0200

Dear atarians,
I am an 8-bit atari user FROM Spain.

I am looking for some games wich I think are not in the Micro
Catalogue (although I can’t CHECK it on the last months because
his last
web page I have doesn’t work).
Some of the games are Miecze Valdgir I, Kult, Wloczykij, SOS Saturn…
Will walraven told me that you have some of this software.
By the way, are you still editing any kind of mag or newsletter for the
8-bit? Only in German?


Ignacio Montoya